Other Domesticated Animals

Other Domesticated Animals

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Is there a list of animals that I’m not allowed to have in Hamilton?

The Responsible Animal Ownership By-law does not allow:

  • Exotic animals
  • Farm animals in urban areas (including chickens)
  • Non-venomous snakes (>3m in length) and lizards (>2m in length) from their nose to the tip of their tail at maturity
  • Primates, carnivore, raptors, etc. 
What do I need to claim my pet from the shelter?

To claim your pet from the shelter, you must:

  • Show government identification with your current address
  • Pay impound or boarding fees for each day your pet is in the shelter
  • Have a leash or carrier to take your pet home
  • Avoid touching other animals at the shelter to reduce the spread of disease