Responsible Pet Ownership

Responsible Pet Ownership

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What is the Responsible Animal Ownership By-law?

The Responsible Animal Ownership By-law is for the health and safety of residents, property protections, and prevention of public issues. 

It has rules about:

  • Dog licensing
  • Animals “at large”
  • Cleaning up after your animal
  • Designating potentially dangerous and dangerous dogs
  • Prohibiting exotic animals
  • Rural and urban regulations
  • Owned cats that roam or are ”at large”
  • Pet limits: 4 domestic animals per dwelling in urban areas
  • Urban chickens are not allowed
  • Where and how an animal may be housed to make sure it’s healthy and safe
How do I file a complaint about my neighbour not cleaning up pet waste in their yard?

It is your responsibility as a dog owner to pick up and get rid of your dog’s poop from any property. Carry a bag with you to scoop the poop whenever you are with your dog. You also need to keep your own yard free and clear of dog poop.

Why should I spay or neuter my pet?

Pets that are not spayed or neutered increase the number of unwanted and stray animals in Hamilton.

Spay or neuter your pet to:

  • Stop their “heat” cycle
  • Reduce your cat’s “marking” behaviour
  • Reduce the cost of licensing your pet
Animal cruelty

If you wish to report a suspected case of Animal cruelty (abuse, cruelty and/or neglect of domestic, wildlife and/or farm animals) call 1-833-9-ANIMAL (264625). 

On hot days, authorities receive one to two calls about pets in hot cars. Everyone knows that leaving pets in hot cars is dangerous and should not be done. Unfortunately, it is still happening.

  • What can happen to a pet in a hot car? 
  • What can you do? 
Animal Shelter Statistics

Hamilton Animal Services is often asked for statistics on the outcome of animals in the shelter. This information is available and updated in quarterly reporting periods.