Responsible Pet Ownership

Animal Shelter Statistics

Reporting period - January 1 to December 31, 2018

Hamilton Animal Services is often asked for statistics on the outcome of animals in the shelter:


Animal Intakes

Owner Surrender
The animal was given up to Animal Services by the owner.

The animal was found wandering at large and was brought to Animal Services in the hopes to find its owner.

Any other way an animal could arrive at the shelter. Including requests from Emergency Services.


Animal Outcomes

Back Home to Owner
An animal is claimed by their owner and goes back home.

Rescue Organization
An animal is chosen by a rescue organization for their adoption program.

The animal is chosen by the Hamilton Burlington SPCA for their adoption program.

An animal that was adopted through our pilot program that started July 2017.

An animal is humanely euthanized by a Veterinarian.


Reasons for Euthanasia

An animal is acting aggressively in the shelter and is severe enough to be a concern for public safety.

Animal is in poor health and is not considered to be able to live with a quality of life or the animal is in the shelter with a health condition that can no longer be cared for and an adoption placement is not found.

Owner Request
When an owner surrenders their animal and requests it to be euthanized.