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What are some helpful tips to discourage wildlife from my property?

Wild animals have the same basic needs as humans - food, water and shelter.

Keep wildlife away from your property by:

  • Putting your garbage in hard plastic containers with locking lids. Store them indoors until your pick up day.
  • Keeping pet food inside your house.
  • Checking roof vents and making sure your chimney is capped tightly
  • Repairing holes and cracks in screens, walls, and roof overhangs
  • Blocking openings under porches, patios, and sheds
Can I feed wildlife?

We have a Feeding Wildlife by-law in Hamilton that does not allow you to feed wildlife.

People who feed wildlife usually do so with the best intentions, however it results in negative consequences for both humans and wildlife.

If you choose to feed wild animal, you could be fined up to $10,000 for your first offence.

I found a sick or orphaned wild animal, what do I do?

A wild animal that is found sick or orphaned will need the specialized care of a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator that is recognized by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

The City does not rehabilitate wild animals. We only hold them for up to 24 hours before handing them over to a veterinarian or other wildlife care provider. You cannot keep wildlife in captivity without approval from the Ministry of Natural Resources.