Living with Wild Animals

Keep wildlife away from your property by:

  • Not feeding them. It will attract unwanted animals.
  • Putting your garbage in hard plastic containers with locking lids. Store them indoors until your pick up day.
  • Removing extra fruit and vegetables from your trees and gardens.
  • Keeping compost in containers with locking lids.
  • Keeping pet food inside your house. Do not allow your pets to roam free.
  • Using motion-sensitive lights in your yard. Nocturnal wildlife are less likely to be in well-light areas.

Common wildlife found in Hamilton are bats, coyotes, raccoonsskunks, opossums and birds.

Wildlife removal fees

The City of Hamilton deals with injured, sick and deceased wildlife or any wildlife that poses an immediate danger to the public.

Removal from private traps & euthanazia $106
Removal and release from private traps $63
Removal of wildlife from a house (excluding the attic) No Charge
Removal of injured or sick wildlife from a property No Charge

Nuisance wildlife animals may be euthanized under The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. "Nuisance Wildlife" is wildlife that is damaging or about to damage property. You are responsible for managing nuisance wildlife on your property.

You need to contact a wildlife control agency to have nuisance wildlife that is not an immediate danger to the public removed from your property. Visit the Ministry of Natural Resources website for tips on hiring a wildlife control agent.