Sick, Injured or Orphaned Wildlife

Sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife require special care to recover and return to their home. You cannot keep wildlife in captivity without approval from the Ministry of Natural Resources. However, you can keep a wild animal for up to 24 hours in order to get it to a veterinarian or other wildlife care provider.

What to do with sick, injured or orphaned wildlife

  • Stay back from the animal.
  • Look for signs of an injury such as blood, loss of fur or feathers or trouble breathing.
  • Leave it in its natural habitat.
  • Watch the animal to see if it will get up and leave on its own. Some animals “play dead” to defend themselves against other animals.
  • Contact Animal Services at 905-574-3433 to report injured or dead wild animals.
  • Contact Public Health Services at 905-546-3570 if you think there is a health risk from the animal.

The City does not rehabilitate wild animals. We hold them for up to 24 hours before handing them over to a veterinarian or other wildlife care provider.