2019 Famous Hamiltonian – Battle of the Bricks

2019 Famous Hamiltonian – Battle of the Bricks overview banner

Vote for the Famous Hamiltonian – Battle of the Bricks

At Heritage Day celebrations each year (February 23) a `Famous Hamiltonian of the Year’ is announced, as voted by the public. For a decade we have been naming famous people. This year we are trying something different, nominating the personalities of iconic Hamilton buildings, pitting the `civic presence’ of 7 of them against each other in a friendly `Battle of the Bricks’. 

Heritage staff selected 1 property from each part of the city, with Hamilton `proper’ divided into Lower City & Mountain. The only strict criterion was that they should not currently be private homes.  Beyond that, they were selected based on: regional diversity; public visibility; the stories behind them; and obviously a dash of old fashioned random bias. But they’re all great, and this is in good fun. So if you think we got it wrong, and another building should be listed for a particular area (ie. you’ll notice that Dundurn Castle is not there), write-in your vote and let us have it in a comment!  This is about discussing which buildings and stories mean the most to your community.

Check out heritage buildings across the city at our interactive heritage property mapping page.

Voting closes Friday, February 22.