Art in Public Places

The Art in Public Places Policy (PDF, 3.8 MB) is intended to provide guidance to staff, artists, citizens and businesses in the planning, commissioning and implementation of Art in Public Places projects that will be meaningful to the community and enhance public places across the City.  Developed in consultation with artists, artists, arts administrators, arts community leaders and City staff, the Policy recognizes several key priorities for art in public places in Hamilton, including:

  • Embracing Placemaking - express the evolving physical, cultural, and social identities that define us;
  • Encouraging social cohesion and cultural understanding - public art as a catalyst for discourse, social engagement and reinforcing social connectivity;
  • Empowering artists, arts organizations and community groups to take greater ownership of the public realm;
  • Embracing digital and social media technology to assist in accessibility, share stories and bring people to places; and
  • Encouraging public health and belonging through active living and social connectedness essential to mental health.

The Policy also outlines a range of processes for commissioning or acquiring art for installation in public places within Hamilton that include: Publicly Commissioned Art; Donated Art; Community Art; Temporary Art; Integrated Art; and Privately Commissioned Art in Public Places.

The following policies, programs and guidelines support these processes:

We are grateful to the citizens and staff who helped shape the Policy.  View the Council Report that includes consultation details (PDF, 168 KB).

Banner image credits (LtoR): Scott McDonald; John Haney and Carey Jernigan; Sylvia Nickerson, Matt McInnes, Becky Katz and members of the Beasley community; Joseph Ernest Gause