Century Street Parkette Public Art Project

Century Street Parkette Public Art Project PanoramaThe City of Hamilton is currently undertaking a public art process to commission a permanent public art work(s) to be located within Century Street Parkette (bordered by Wentworth St N, Wilson St N, and Century St.)

Public Opinion Survey

What is your opinion? A jury of volunteer citizens andartists has reviewed 40 artist / artist-led team’s submissions and has short-listed 5 for public consultation. Before they meet to select the winning proposal they want to know your opinion.To review project goal and themes, review the artist / artist-led team’s proposals, indicate your preferred proposal, and provide comments for the jury.

Artists were asked to address the following goal:

  • That the proposed Public Art work(s) be an inclusive work that may be a functional or interactive piece(s) that reflect the proud local history and human stories of the GALA neighbourhood. 
  • The Artist is invited to develop a proposal for artwork(s) that will address one or more of the following:
  • Enhance a welcoming and people-oriented space; \
  • Encourage education and learning;
  • Celebration of the evolving community; and
  • Reflect transition, growth or discovery.

Artist Illustration Bond proposal
BOND (PDF, 1.8 MB)
by Wynn Walters

Artist Illustration Cascading Waterfall proposal
by Opus Art Projects Inc.

Artist Illustration Convergence proposal
by Hooman Mehdizadehjafari

Artist Illustration Homeworks proposal
by Studio Huizenga

Artist Illustration Tangle proposal
by Coryn Kempster and Julia Jamrozik​

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Please submit comments by Sunday August 22, 2021.

Your comments will be provided to the jury for consideration among other criteria such as artistic excellence and technical experience in their selection of the winning proposal. The results of this public consultation are therefore not binding on the jury. A report outlining the jury’s final decision and reason for that decision will be posted on this webpage when the winning artist / artist-led team is announced.

Public Opinion Survey Results

Coming soon

Call for Artists

The call for artists closed on January 28, 2021.  40 total submissions were received from national and international artists and artist-led teams and 5 submissions have been selected by a citizen jury to prepare detailed proposals for public consultation.


$120,000. Short-listed Artists completing a Stage 2 submission will receive a $1200 honorarium.


​Century Street Parkette Public Art Project Call for Artists (PDF, 442 KB)
​Century Street Parkette Public Art Project Call for Artists Appendix A – Sample Submission Form (PDF, 120 KB)
Century Street Parkette Public Art Project Call for Artists Appendix B – Site Information and Historical Context (PDF, 1.4 MB)
​Century Street Parkette Public Art Project Call for Artists Appendix C – Materials and Methods (PDF, 12 KB)
Century Street Parkette Public Art Project Call for Artists Appendix D – Sample Artist Agreement (PDF, 48 KB)

Century Street Parkette Public Art Project Call for Artists Addenda 1 (PDF, 126 KB)

Focus Group Report

A series of virtual focus group discussions were held with community stakeholders, artists and subject matter experts through the months of May and June, 2020.  While the focus group discussion is typically conducted as one group meeting held in person, separate discussions took place for this focus group due to physical distancing requirements during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The focus group developed the Project Goal and themes that artists will be asked to address in Public Art submissions to this competition.  

For an outline of the results of the Focus Group meeting, please review the Focus Group Report (link below)

Century Street Parkette Public Art Focus Group Report (PDF, 121 KB)

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