Century Street Parkette Public Art Project

Century Street Parkette Public Art Project PanoramaThe City of Hamilton has completed a Public Art process to commission a permanent public art work to be sited in Century Street Parkette at the corner of Wentworth and Wilson Streets in Downtown Hamilton, Ward 3.

Project Award

The volunteer citizen jury has selected the work “Convergence” by Hooman Mehdizadehjafari (PDF, 1.6 MB) as the winning proposal. Installation is anticipated for the summer of 2022. Read the Jury Report (PDF, 392 KB)

Century Street Park Artwork Rendering

Century Street Park Artwork Rendering

Century Street Park Artwork Rendering

Concept Statement

If the GALA Neighbourhood is anything, it is a community in motion. In fact, it has always been this way. From the traditional custodians of the land that arrived to enjoy the bounty of the merging waterways to the more recent settlers that brought on a flourishing industrial revolution. Change appears to be woven into the DNA of these lands.

Emerging from a cultural melting pot of hard working and entrepreneurial Makers and Craftspeople that came from across the country and the world to build bright futures for their families, is a community ready to transform once again.

Choosing to honour the story of their past, wearing proudly the remnants of a city ripe for constant evolution and growth - resilient even in the toughest of times - energized community members have asked for an artwork that represents this very spirit that is the fuel that propels them into a bright future.

The proposed design is an abstract art bench in an expressive form that moves along the outer borders of the central oval area of the Century Street Parkette (current planting bed). The dynamic form of the piece is a metaphoric testament to the community's affinity for evolution, a constant, energetic wave that moves to its own unique rhythm, and in continued forward motion even as it weathers the inevitable ups and downs.

The stainless steel material reflects the industrial spirit of the GALA Neighbourhood's history with the scratch-sanded texture of outer wall describing the fingerprints left behind by the determined hands that built this proud community.

The wooden sitting areas on the other hand, represent the beautiful local nature through the use of a natural substance. Beyond a bench, this multi-use design activates the space by enticing conversation and gathering. The oval shape allows for both intimate inwards circles to form, as well as inviting varied seating and interaction opportunities for visitors of all ages.

This artwork, titled "Convergence", reflects the dynamic form of both skylines and the vibrations of its people - the heartbeat of the GALA Neighbourhood. In an educational context, Convergence represents the coming together of ideas and expertise from multidisciplinary backgrounds in order to achieve a common goal for the betterment of the larger community.

Nestled between downtown and the nearby hills, the central location of the site is where community members and their paths meet. Knowing the nature of the artwork site and its proximity to two schools in the neighbourhood, I couldn't think of a more noble way to inspire the future leaders of the GALA Neighbourhood than by providing a captivating opportunity for them to gather. For beyond the classroom, it is in the moments of sharing stories, dreams, and experiences not found in books where these young minds learn. Expanding from the culturally rich perspectives of the people that make up this colourful neighbourhood.

Convergence offers students/residents a place for performance, outdoor learning, and inspiration as it expresses the spirit of "rolling on" and moving forward

Public Opinion Survey

The survey has now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. Please review the public opinion survey results (PDF, 340 KB)

Call for Artists

The call for artists closed on January 28, 2021.  40 total submissions were received from national and international artists and artist-led teams and 5 submissions have been selected by a citizen jury to prepare detailed proposals for public consultation.


$120,000. Short-listed Artists completing a Stage 2 submission will receive a $1200 honorarium.


​Century Street Parkette Public Art Project Call for Artists (PDF, 442 KB)
​Century Street Parkette Public Art Project Call for Artists Appendix A – Sample Submission Form (PDF, 120 KB)
Century Street Parkette Public Art Project Call for Artists Appendix B – Site Information and Historical Context (PDF, 1.4 MB)
​Century Street Parkette Public Art Project Call for Artists Appendix C – Materials and Methods (PDF, 12 KB)
Century Street Parkette Public Art Project Call for Artists Appendix D – Sample Artist Agreement (PDF, 48 KB)

Century Street Parkette Public Art Project Call for Artists Addenda 1 (PDF, 126 KB)

Focus Group Report

A series of virtual focus group discussions were held with community stakeholders, artists and subject matter experts through the months of May and June, 2020.  While the focus group discussion is typically conducted as one group meeting held in person, separate discussions took place for this focus group due to physical distancing requirements during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The focus group developed the Project Goal and themes that artists will be asked to address in Public Art submissions to this competition.  

For an outline of the results of the Focus Group meeting, please review the Focus Group Report (link below)

Century Street Parkette Public Art Focus Group Report (PDF, 121 KB)

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