Plaques and Markers

Heritage plaques and markers have been produced in Hamilton for more than one hundred years, contributing to civic memory and to a broad awareness of place and story in our communities.  The Plaques and Markers Program of Hamilton’s Tourism and Culture Division currently facilitate 3 plaque types:  Commemorative; Heritage Recognition; and Designated Property.  Broadly speaking, Commemorative and Heritage Recognition plaques are `picture and story’ plaques, while Designated Property Plaques mark architectural or built heritage.

Commemorative Plaques mark sites telling larger stories (approx. 250 words) of historical/cultural events, and of persons and places associated with specific locations. Commemorative Plaque Application Form (PDF, 259 KB)

Heritage Recognition Plaques mark sites commemorating more bounded or discrete stories of people or places of historic importance (approx. 150 words). Heritage Recognition Plaque Application Form (PDF, 257 KB)

Designated Property Plaques are cast-metal ovals which mark only those properties designated under the Ontario Heritage Act. Eligibility for a Designated Property plaque comes automatically with designation under the Act. For information about designated properties in Hamilton, visit heritage propertiesDesignated Property Plaque Application Form (PDF, 359 KB)

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