Waterdown Memorial Park Public Art Project

Waterdown Memorial ParkThe City of Hamilton is currently undertaking a public art process to commission a permanent public art work(s) to be located within Waterdown Memorial Park (Corner of Parkside Drive and Hamilton Street N, Waterdown).

Stage 2 Jury Report

The volunteer citizen jury met on March 3, 2020 to complete the adjudication. They had a fulsome discussion of the various aspects of the short-listed proposals and positive aspects were appreciated in each proposal.  Ultimately the jury concluded that none of the proposals adequately addressed current community priorities and the context of the park. They therefore recommended that the project not proceed, Staff have accepted their recommendations and this project has been cancelled.

Waterdown Memorial Park Public Art_Jury Report Final

Public Consultation Results

Thank you to the 212 people who have provided their comments. Public Consultation is now closed for this project. Review the Waterdown Memorial Park Consultation Results to January 19, 2020 (PDF, 457 KB).

Project Goal

Artists were asked to address the following goal statement and themes in their proposals:

  • That the proposed art work(s) enhance and reflect the atmosphere of the park as Waterdown’s “Public Backyard” through an artwork that recognizes the park as a community gathering place and responds to its’ historical and physical context in a way that is playful and interactive.  

Artist Proposals

Survey Period closed on January 19th, 2020.


Call for artists

The call for artists closed on September 12, 2019.  25 total submissions were received from national and international artists and artist-led teams and 5 submissions have been selected by a citizen jury to prepare detailed proposals for public consultation.

Call for Artists documents:
Waterdown Memorial Park Public Art Project Call for Artists (PDF, 386 KB)
Waterdown Memorial Park Public Art Project Call for Artists Appendix A – Submission Form (PDF, 22 KB)
Waterdown Memorial Park Public Art Project Call for Artists Appendix B – Site and Background Information (PDF, 834 MB)
Waterdown Memorial Park Public Art Project Call for Artists Appendix C – Materials and Methods (PDF, 13 KB)
Waterdown Memorial Park Public Art Project Call for Artists Appendix D – Sample Artist Agreement (PDF, 48 KB)

Focus Group Report

A focus group was held with community stakeholders, artists and subject matter experts on June 5, 2019. 

Waterdown Memorial Park Public Art Focus Group Report (PDF, 154 KB).

Date Wednesday June 5, 2019
Location Waterdown Village BIA Boardroom, 5 Mill S
Time 7 to 9 pm


  • Susan Pennie Waterdown Village BIA
  • Maureen VanderMarel Village Theatre
  • Garry Flood Rotary Club of Waterdown
  • Mike Manzoni Waterdown District Lions Club
  • Lyn Lunsted Flamborough Archives
  • Robert Thomas Legion, Branch 551
  • Donna Redl CreativWorks Art Studio
  • Graham McNally Toms and McNally Design, McNally Foundation
  • Magy Olszewski M+M Photogrpahy
  • Nathan Tidridge History Teacher, Waterdown District High School
  • Jessa Boers Student Parliament, Waterdown District High School
  • Aman El-Duweini Citizen
  • Laura Marotta Artist, previous public art call winner ‘Bead Maze’
  • Scot Cameron Hamilton Skateboard Assembly, Waterdown Rep

City Staff/Advisors

  • Ken Coit, Facilitator, City of Hamilton, Public Art and Projects
  • Meredith Plant, City of Hamilton, Public Art and Projects


This group was brought together to review plans for a public art competition for Waterdown Memorial Park and to advise on specific goals and themes for an artwork that is potentially interactive, either functional or aesthetic.


Ken Coit and Meredith Plant gave a presentation outlining the public art process, site history and context, potential themes and goals, review of precedents and possibilities for public art and a discussion of next steps.

It was noted that the project was identified and approved in the City of Hamilton Public Art Master Plan (2016). Public Art at Waterdown Memorial Park Skating Loop has the following description in the Public Art Master Plan: “this newly constructed skating loop is a place for families and the community to come together to enjoy winter in one of the area’s busiest parks. There are opportunities here for an artwork that is functional or aesthetic. Public art that is interactive would be well suited to the site.”

The public art project has an overall budget of $75,000.

A brief review of the history of the area was provided - with thanks to The Flamborough Archives; ‘The Historic Village of Waterdown’ story map and ‘The History of Memorial Park’ brochure, published June 2019.

There has been an indigenous presence on the land since 7,500 BCE, the Chonnonton Nation followed by Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe presence and the ‘Dish with one Spoon’ Wampum treaty in the 1700’s. in 1792 the Euro-Canadian settlement grew with the ‘Between the Lakes Treaty, #3’ which opened 3 million acres of land to the British Crown, including lands now know as Waterdown. Development followed Augustus Jones surveying of the area and lumber and flour mills were established along with agricultural development and the first school built by Alexander Brown in 1815.

Memorial Park was dedicated in 1949, the project originally spearheaded by the Waterdown Amateur Athletic Association, the Waterdown Women’s Institute and the Waterdown Board of Trade, as ‘both a memorial to those Village residents who had served in World War II and as a park large enough to hold a variety of activities and events that would be for the enjoyment of the community’. The park was donated to the Corporation of the Village of Waterdown with the ‘understanding that such land and park property be maintained as a Community Park for the use of the Community as a whole’.


Members of the focus group were asked to address the following question as part of a general discussion.

What unique and meaningful stories, qualities and characteristics of Waterdown and the Memorial Park do you think artists should be asked to reflect in proposals for Public Art in the Park?

The following responses were provided:

  • Art work should be functional
  • Art work should be Interactive
  • Could provide shade
  • Watch for Skateboarders on Art
  • Make connection to the northern parts of the Park
  • Women’s Institute memorial (plaque – outside of public art scope)
  • WATERDOWN sign (the word – maybe too prescriptive)
  • Playful
  • Interactive
  • Iconic Waterdown
  • Green space legacy
  • One Park, centre of Village life
  • Use the topography
  • Seating on the hill for potential performance
  • Children in action
  • Motion
  • Play and Community
  • Families
  • Sports and Fireworks for a long time
  • Loop a gathering space
  • “Community coming together”
  • Accessible (conceptually and physically)
  • Inspire
  • Engaging
  • Drawn into it
  • Walking
  • Interactive
  • “Winter and Summer”
  • Heart of Town
  • Interactive over Functional
  • “Reflection” as an example of interactivity
  • Car Show
  • Fire Works
  • Injuries
  • Coming of Age moments
  • Baseball
  • Summer Camp
  • Market
  • Fall Fair
  • Waterdown’s “Public Backyard”
  • Dogs
  • Skateboarding and teaching next generation of skateboarders
  • Walking
  • BBQ
  • “The Home Park”
  • Tradition
  • Connecting New and Old Waterdown
  • Waterdown’s Public Backyard
  • Community Gathering
  • Interactive
  • Playful
  • Integrated with the Physical Context


The group identified what they felt to be the most important concepts as the evening ended. These are bolded above. Based on these concepts, public art staff has developed the following Project Goal:

That the proposed Public Art work(s) enhance and reflect the atmosphere of the park as Waterdown’s Public Backyard through an artwork that recognizes the park as a community gathering place and responds to its’ historical and physical context in a way this is playful and interactive.

  • The work may be functional or aesthetic.
  • The work shall be sited in that part of the park north of the parking lot.

Next Steps

  • This focus group report will be posted on the City of Hamilton’s Public Art website at for public comment.
  • The possibility of a plaque to memorialize the Women’s Institute will be investigated outside of the scope of this public art project.
  • A Call for Artists, including the above project goal, park history, recent park uses, site constraints and technical requirements will be issued in summer 2019.
  • A jury of citizens, local artists and arts professionals will short list up to six artists’ proposals to be posted on the city website and displayed at a Waterdown location for public comment later this Summer.
  • The jury will select a winning proposal based on artistic excellence, response to the competition goal, technical concerns and the public response in fall 2019.

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