Festivals & Events

Event Accessibility

The Events Office is committed to ensuring that all events taking place on City property are accessible to all Hamiltonians. The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) makes it possible for people of all disabilities to be a part of their communities every day. Please keep persons with a disability in mind when planning your outdoor event.

Planning an Accessible Event

To ensure your event is accessible for all Hamiltonians, consider the following:

  • Marking and reserving accessible parking space that are within a close proximity to the event location, entrance, and exits
  • Providing an accessible ramp and entrance to the event
  • Providing accessible washrooms and toilets (e.g. accessible port-a-potties) near accessible pathways/walkways for people with disabilities
  • Accessible, prominently displayed directional and information signage at your event
  • Providing sufficient light in hallways, pathways, and stairs for persons with low vision
  • Designating accessible viewing and seating areas for those with mobility devices
  • ASL interpreter (if providing speeches or information pertinent for all event participants)
  • Accessible pay stations, ticket booths, or parking-lot operator stations
  • Accessible public transportation located close to the venue and relevant information in an accessible format
  • Accessible food service and eating areas

For more ideas on how you can make your event accessible, see the following reference guides:

Table Tennis in the fore court of City Hall

People boarding HSR bus