Festivals & Events

Event Locations

You can apply to hold festivals and events in city parks, streets or at City Hall. There are different rules and responsibilities for each type of event location, please review the below information to learn about these differences.

City Park Events

Staff will check the availability of the park you’ve requested on your application.  If it is available, we will send you a park rental contract including the rental fees for the park.  The rental fees must be paid at least 30 days before your event. You can pay for your rental fees in person with the Recreation Division 28 James Street North, 3rd Floor, or by phone 905-540-5590.

  • Parks must remain open to the public at all times.
  • You cannot reserve parking for the event or charge patrons a fee to use the lot.
  • You are expected to leave the park in the same condition in which you found it. Cleaning and/or repair costs will be billed back to the event organizer if the City of Hamilton determines this is necessary after your event
  • No digging or staking (including for tent stakes) or alterations to the park are allowed without the express permission of the park supervisor. Before requesting to dig/stake in a park, you must first call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 to request locates, and then contact the park supervisor to review and confirm your plans. This is for your safety and to prevent damage. Any damage will be billed back to the event organizer.
  • Vehicles (including vendor vehicles, food trucks, etc.) and equipment are not allowed on the turf without permission.  Contact the Events Office to discuss your plans.
  • In some situations, Parks staff may need to be on site during your event. Event organizers are responsible for paying for City of Hamilton staff overtime. Staff will reach out to you in advance to discuss your needs and advise of any costs.
  • All events activity in Parks is governed by the City of Hamilton By-law 01-219 as amended to Manage and Regulate Municipal Parks
  • Park green space, shade structures, and other unique park features are available for booking. For a list of permit rental rates for parks, contact Facility Booking, Recreation Division at 905-540-5590 or email [email protected]

Information and maps detailing the features, services and bookable spaces of the City’s most popular festival and event park locations can be found here (link to park page or pages with Bayfront, Gage , Pier 4, Dundas Driving Park, Waterdown and McQuesten


Visit ParkFinder for an interactive map that allows you to search for parks by location or filter parks by a particular amenity.

Image of band on Gage Park band shell

Inflatable setup at festival

People at tallships event

Image festival attendees watching a concert

City Street Events

Event organizer responsibilities include:

  • Submitting a map of the proposed road closure with the application (might want to link back to Portal instructions on how to attach site map)
  • Hiring and paying for a third-party road closure company to close the road.  Fees for this service vary but start in the range of $1000-$1500 and up. The company will produce a traffic management plan that the event organizer must submit for review.
  • Notifying neighbouring residents and businesses and submitting a copy of the notification letter
  • Paying the road closure fees. 2018 road closure fee: $659.85. Learn more about Temporary Road Closure Fees
  • Hiring and paying for Paid Duty Officers to assist with the closure as needed. Learn more about Paid Duty Officers
  • Paying for traffic detour signs and warning boards as needed. Staff will advise as the City manufactures and installs signs if needed
  • Paying for HSR services as needed (e.g. to detour, for additional busses and staff)
  • Picking up, paying for, and setting up (“bagging”) and removing any parking meter bags needed to prevent cars from parking within your road closure. Bag the meters at least 12 hours before your event start to ensure there are no vehicles parked within the limits of your closure. Learn more about Temporary Road Closures

If you are requesting a Municipal Parking lot as part of your closure, parking will review the request and let you know whether your request is feasible. Once approved, event organizers are responsible for renting and installing appropriate equipment to “close” the lot (i.e. saw-horse barriers, cones, pylons, and/or barrels). Closing the lots 12 hours before event start time. Learn more about Municipal Car Parks

Image of crowd from the stage at SuperCrawl

Image of Locke Street Festival

Image of musicians playing in a store front

Image of people with art installation at SuperCrawl

City Hall Events

The Events Office will work with the City of Hamilton’s Facilities Management Section to book your event at the City Hall Forecourt if it is available.

Map of Bookable Space & Features (PDF, 5.2 MB)

  • There is no rental fee to use the Forecourt, but there are fees associated with access outside of regular business hours and for obtaining additional services (i.e. sound amplification, event setup, access to indoor washrooms, security service, etc.)
  • Amplified sound is not permitted on the Forecourt during Council or Committee meetings held in Council Chambers. View the schedule of meetings
  • You are expected to leave the Forecourt in the same condition in which you found it. Cleaning and/or repair costs will be billed back to the event organizer if the City of Hamilton determines this is necessary after your event
  • The use of glitter, confetti, paint, and chalk at City Hall and on the Forecourt is not permitted. Candles must be used in a shatter-proof container, though electronic candles are preferred.

For more information about booking the City Hall Forecourt for your event, contact the Facilities Service Centre at: [email protected] or 905-546-2784

Hamilton Bulldogs celebration

People walking around the City Hall Fore Court

Table Tennis in the fore court of City Hall

People practicing Yoga at City Hall