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COVID-19 Restrictions

Beginning March 21, 2022, in alignment with the provincial government, the City of Hamilton has repealed its Face Coverings & Masks By-law and Physical Distancing By-law. As such, all City Recreation facilities and amenities will no longer require patrons to wear a mask or face covering and physically distance.

Please note that at this time, City staff will continue to wear masks or face coverings indoors.

If you are planning an event or gathering, consider the following Ministry guidance:

  • ensure supplies such as hand sanitizer and soap are available
  • wash your hands frequently and thoroughly or use hand sanitizer, especially before preparing, serving and eating food
  • if you are indoors, open windows if possible, to improve air flow and ventilation
  • clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces
  • guests should not attend if they feel unwell, even if their symptoms are mild
  • make sure anyone who is required to isolate does not attend
  • consider creating a list of guests so you can notify them if a guest develops symptoms of COVID-19

For more information and a complete list of measures, visit:

General Rentals

General rentals are defined as private events. Private events are for invited guests and are not open to the general public. Examples of these types of events include:

  • Birthday parties
  • Sports activities
  • Meetings
  • Gatherings
  • Corporate functions

To rent a recreation facility, sports field or arena, visit www.hamilton.ca/recreationrentals

Contact Information:
Recreation Division
[email protected]
Phone: 905-546-3747

Community Events

Community events are defined as events that are open to the public, with typically less than 1,000 people, and do not have any of the major event components (e.g. fireworks, alcohol, road closures). Community events may include components, such as:

  • Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Sound Amplification
  • Inflatables (e.g. bouncy castles)
  • Small tents (e.g. 10 ft. x 10 ft.)

Complete a 2022 Community Event Request Form 

Contact Information:
Special Events Advisory Team (S.E.A.T.)
[email protected]
Phone: 905-546-3747

Major Events

Major events are defined as events that are open to the public that have any one of the following event components:

  • Road closures
  • Alcohol
  • Tents requiring permits (larger than 60m2)
  • Temporary structures requiring permits (larger than 225m2)
  • Fireworks
  • Open flame/ fire producing device
  • Amusement rides / places of amusement

Complete a 2022 Festival & Event Approval Application

Note: applications must be submitted a minimum of 60 days prior to your event date.

Contact Information:
Special Events Advisory Team (S.E.A.T.)
[email protected]
Phone: 905-546-3747