Group Tour Packages

In the 19th century servants were employed in large homes like Dundurn to do a variety of tasks such as washing, dusting, polishing and cooking.  Assisted by Dundurn’s Cook Demonstrators, guests will work together to make a traditional recipe in our historic kitchen. Visitors will also have the opportunity to explore with costumed staff over 40 rooms and discover the history of the MacNab family and the servants who lived and worked below stairs to support their affluent lifestyle.

Cost: $25.00 per person
Time: 2 hours

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Step over the threshold of Battlefield House Museum and Park to go back in time. A costumed interpreter will guide you through this early 19th century home, complete with period furniture and décor. Enjoy a visit to Kittling Ridge Winery for a guided tour of the wine and spirit-making cellars followed by a tutored tasting and some time to browse the gift shop. Visit Puddicombe Estate Farms and Winery, a 208-year-old family-run farm and take a guided tour and taste three quality wines. Enjoy a famous country lunch at Puddicombe Farms. Puddicombe Farms organizes this tour.

Available: Year-round
Duration: 4.5 hours

To book, contact:

Puddicome Farms
Phone: 905-643-1015

From hilltop vistas to shady dells, the Ancaster region of the Dundas Valley offers a landscape rich with history. With its woodland and waterfalls, the area attracted early settlers seeking sites for mills and property. Explore fascinating historic sites, each with its own unique story.

  1. "Follow the north star" to the Griffin House, where Enerals Griffin escaped from slavery to find freedom and a farm in the early 1800's. Set on a hilltop, this wooden clapboard house has a breathtaking view and a story of strength and determination.
  2. A short jaunt up the road will find you at Woodend, the charming and elegant former home of Ancaster's first reeve. Within its four walls it holds a dark secret - the murder of its owner in 1891.
  3. Travel further along Mineral Springs Road to The Hermitage, once a magnificent estate, now existing only in ruins. Stories of love and tragedy haunt the site.
  4. Finally, discover Fieldcote Memorial Park and Museum, the cultural heritage centre of Ancaster. The centre is set among seven and a half acres of woodland and award-winning gardens. Explore the grounds or visit the latest exhibit or gift shop.

Available: May to mid-October
Duration: 5 hours

To book, contact:

Fieldcote Memorial Park and Museum

A stop at the Hamilton Farmers Market is the perfect addition to your day trip. A personal on-board welcome is done for all pre-booked tour groups with a gift for the tour escort, an excellent raffle item for the trip home.

Available: Year-round

Group Tour Policies

  • To qualify for a group rate for day trip packages, you need a minimum of 15 people, unless otherwise specified.
  • To qualify for the evening group rate at Dundurn Castle, you need a minimum of 30 people.
  • Numbers will be confirmed four days prior to arrival.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Prices are quoted in Canadian currency and include all applicable taxes and gratuities.
  • Fair exchange is always given on U.S. currency.
  • A credit card application must be received and accepted prior to having invoicing privileges.

Confirmation Policies

Museum Visits:

  • Our group tour department will call four days prior to arrival to confirm the guaranteed number of passengers.

Day Trip Packages:

  • Our group tour department will call four days prior to arrival to confirm the guaranteed number of passengers and their entrée selections (if applicable).
  • If the numbers change after confirmation, we will charge for the number confirmed or the actual number arriving, whichever is greater.

Complimentary Policies

  • One complimentary admission and meal (if dining on site) will be provided for every 20 paid persons.
  • Applicable to group leader or professional escort/driver only.