Hamilton Signature Sign

On Friday April 27, 2018 Mayor Fred Eisenberger hosted the official lighting ceremony for the HAMILTON sign. This sign was fully funded by generous sponsors, and fabricated by local Dundas business Hamilton Scenic Specialty Inc.

In addition to bringing some “life and colour” to the forecourt, we have witnessed the sign’s popularity for residents and tourists alike. Since its debut, social media has been flooded with selfies and pictures using the #HamOntSign.

Hamilton Sign Facts

  • The sign contains 493 running feet of waterproof LED comprised of 15,000 individual LED diodes with a life expectancy of 40,000 hours; with sign lighting is controlled by 96 channels of DMX control.
  • The average electrical consumption is 600 watts which is about equal to the wattage of a small coffee maker; at an average hydro rate of 10 cents per kilowatt hour, the sign will cost on about 6 cents per hour to run.
  • The sign is 60 feet long by 6 feet deep with letters at 90” tall and 24” deep and weighs approximately 9700 pounds.
  • The base and letter structure is all aluminum and contains 2,450 running feet of aluminum framing material.
  • The sign contains 4800 screws and bolts and 45 sheets of internal aluminum reinforcement plate and 45 sheets of exterior aluminum composite panelling.

 Lighting Schedule

January 1
New Year's Day
Colour: Multi colour

January 25
Chinese New Year
Colour: Red & Yellow

February 1 to 3
Eating Disorder Awareness Week
Colour: Purple

February 4
World Cancer Day
Colour: Pink

February 5 to 7
Eating Disorder Awareness Week
Colour: Purple

February 14
Valentine's Day
Colour: Pink, Purple & Red

February 15
National Flag Day
Colour: Red & White

February 16 to 22
Be More Than A Bystander Month
Colour: Purple & Gray

February 24
Estonia Independence Day
Colour: Blue, White & Black

February 26
Pink Shirt Day 
Colour: Pink


March 1
Bosnian Independence Day
Colour: Yellow & Blue

March 2
Easter Seals Month
Colour: Red & White

March 8
International Women's Day
Colour: Purple & White

March 12
World Kidney Day
Colour: Orange

March 14
Endometriosis Awareness
Colour: Yellow

March 17
St. Patrick's Day
Colour: Green, Orange & White

March 21
World Down Syndrome Day
Colour: Blue & Yellow

March 22
World Water Day
Colour: Blue

March 24
World Tuberculosis Day
Colour: Blue & Pink

March 25
Greek Independence Day
Colour: Blue & White

March 26
Epilepsy Awareness Day
Colour: Purple

March 27
World Theatre Day
Colour: Orange

March 28
Easter Seals Month 
Colour: Red & White

April 2
Autism Awareness Day
Colour: Blue

April 3
Limb Loss Awareness Month
Colour: Orange

April 4 to 6
National Dental Hygienists Week
Colour: Purple

April 7
World Health Day
Colour: Blue & White

April 8
International Day of Pink
Colour: Pink

April 9 to 10
National Dental Hygienists Week
Colour: Purple

April 17
World Hemophilia Day
Colour: Red

April 22
Earth Day
Colour: Green

April 28
National Day of Mourning
Colour: Yellow

May 1
Apraxia Awareness
Colour: Blue

May 4 to 7
Canadian Mental Health Week 
Colour: Green

May 8
World Ovarian Cancer Day
Colour: Teal

May 9 to 10
Canadian Mental Health Week 
Colour: Green

May 11 to 15
Huntington Disease Awareness
Colour: Purple & Blue

June 1
Global Day of Parents
Colour: Blue, Orange & Yellow

June 2 to 6
Pride Month
Colour: Rainbow

June 19
World Sickle Cell Day
Colour: Red & White

July 1
Canada Day
Colour: Red & White

Dates TBD

September 4 to 6
Colour: Blue & White

September 7
Hamilton Ticats Labour Day Classic
Colour: Black & Gold

September 10
World Suicide Prevention Day 
Colour: Orange

September 11 to 13
Canadian Country Music Week 
Colour: Gold

September 30
Orange Shirt Day - Every Child Matters
Remembering the victims and survivors of residential schools
Colour: Orange

October 6
World Cerebral Palsy Day
Colour: Orange

October 7
Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day
Colour: Teal

October 10
World Mental Health Day
Colour: Purple

October 24
Child Abuse Prevention Day
Colour: Purple

October 30
Food Allergy Day
Colour: Teal

October 31
Colour: Orange, Black, Green & Purple

November 1
MADD Red Ribbon Campaign
Colour: Red

November 11
Remembrance Day
Colour: Red & White

November 14
World Diabetes Day
Colour: Blue & White

December 1
World AIDS Day
Colour: Red

December 24 to 25
Colour: Red & Green 


Information about Lighting Requests

Lighting requests for the HAMILTON sign cannot be considered for:

  • commercial requests (e.g. product launches, corporate events)
  • individual recognition or personal occasions (e.g. gender reveal, birthdays, anniversaries)
  • political events or observances
  • institutions or professions (e.g. hospitals).​

For any questions regarding a specific request not listed above, please email [email protected]

It may have taken a few years to come to fruition, and it was worth it. The HAMILTON sign is a gift to the City of Hamilton in recognition of Canada 150 from the following donors:

  • AIM Environmental Group Inc.
  • ArcelorMittal Dofasco  
  • Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers Ltd. 
  • Fengate Assets Investments
  • The McKeil Family     
  • Valeri Construction Ltd.
  • Vrancor Group
  • Losani Homes   
  • LiUNA   

  • Carmen’s Group
  • PJ & Joe Mercanti 
  • The Mercanti Family
  • Sam & Roma, Peter & Gabriella, Ian & Lisa Mercanti-Ladd
  • Roxborough Park Development Legacy Project
  • Sergio Manchia Urbancore Developments,
  • Nick Carnicelli Carriage Gate Homes & David Horwood Effort Trust