City Budgets

2011 Tax and Rate Budgets

On April 27, 2011, Council approved the final 2011 tax operating budget. Highlights include enhancements to a number of services, maintaining service levels for all other programs and freezing transit fares. The budget provides key investments in infrastructure funding, additional transit services and social service programs.

From an initial starting point in January, facing a 2.4% tax increase, Council engaged staff in a process of finding budget savings and efficiencies in excess of -$11.7 million. These savings reduced the total average residential tax increase to 0.8%.

Municipal Taxes Draft Amount % changed Approved Amount % changed
City Departments $45 1.6% ($5) -.3%
Boards and Agencies $17 .6% $17 .6%
Capital $14 .5% $13 .5%
Total Municipal Taxes $76 2.7% $24 .9%
Education Taxes $4 .7% $4 .7%
Total Tax Change $80 2.4% $28 .8%

Note – Anomalies in totals due to rounding.

View the 2011 Approved Tax Supported Operating Budget (PDF, 288 KB)

For the average home assessed at $245,000, the budget will add about $28 to their tax bill. Property owners may have an increase higher or lower than the 0.8% average due to changes in assessment and/or area rating policies.

The 2011 Tax Supported Capital Budget was approved by Council March 9, 2011 and supports approximately $210 million in infrastructure investments including:

  • Over $77 million to improve roads infrastructure
  • A $7.6 million investment in recreation facilities (including a Senior Centre in Waterdown and Rosedale Outdoor pool)
  • $3 million for Cultural facilities 
  • $22.8 million for the purchase of the rehabilitated Lister Building 
  • An additional $7.4 M investment in Emergency Services communication/radio system 
  • A $17 million investment in city transit services 
  • An additional $10.6 million in funding for the Pan-Am Stadium
  • $5.8 million for Open Space development (parks)
  • Approximately $6 million in Economic Development initiatives including $3 million for Airport land acquisitions

2011 Rate Budget Approved

The 2011 Water, Wastewater and Storm Budget reflects Council's ongoing commitment and dedication over the past decade to implement a sustainable financing plan while bridging the divide between the funding shortfalls for necessary infrastructure with affordable water rates. This budget calls for a continued commitment through the adoption of an approved rate increase of 4.25% or approximately $22.00 per household annually.