City Budgets

2013 Tax and Rate Budgets

On April 10th, 2013 the General Issues Committee approved the 2013 Tax Operating Budget which included a 1.9% property tax increase for residents, while the 2013 Capital Budget of $253 million had already been approved on December 12th, 2012.  Separate capital and operating budgets for water, wastewater and storm services have been established and were approved by Council with a rate increase of 4.25%.  

View the 2013 Approved Operating & Capital Budgets (PDF, 826 KB)

2013 Approved Tax Operating Budget
The 2013 Tax Supported Operating Budget was approved by Council April 10th, 2013, with the total average residential tax increase approved at 1.9%. 

2013 Approved Tax Capital Budget
The 2013 Tax Supported Capital Budget was approved by Council December 12, 2012 and supports approximately $253 million in infrastructure investments.

2013 Approved Rate Budget
The 2013 Water, Wastewater and Storm Budget reflects Council's ongoing commitment and dedication over the past decade to implement a sustainable financing plan while bridging the divide between funding shortfalls for necessary infrastructure with affordable water rates. This budget calls for a continued commitment through the adoption of an approved rate increase of 4.25% or approximately $24.00 per household 

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