City Budgets

2013 Tax Supported Operating Budget

On April 10, 2013, Council approved the final 2013 Tax Operating Budget. Highlights include enhancements to a number of services, maintaining service levels for all other programs, freezing transit fares and enhanced winter control levels. The budget provides key investments in infrastructure funding, additional transit services and social service programs.

From an initial starting point in January, facing a 2.9% tax increase, Council engaged staff in a process of finding budget savings and efficiencies. The General Issues Committee has approved a number of amendments that reduced the total average residential tax increase to 1.9%. View the 2013 Tax Supported Operating Budget Amendments (PDF, 13 KB).

Note: Dollar impacts based on City-wide average residential assessment of $266,200. Totals in the table below have been rounded.

Municipal Taxes Amount % changed
City Departments $34 1.2%
Provincial Funding Loss Transition $18 .3%
Boards and Agencies $15 .5%
Municipal Tax Change $73 2.5%
Education Taxes $ (6) -1.1%
Total Tax Change $67 1.9%

View the 2013 Approved Operating & Capital Budgets (PDF, 826 KB)

Preliminary Budget

The 2013 Tax Supported Preliminary Operating Budget was presented to the General Issues Committee on January 28, 2013. The preliminary budget, as submitted, is consistent with Council's direction not to impact programs/services. It identifies a levy requirement of $734.5 million, which represents a levy increase of $29.5 million and translates into a total preliminary impact for the average residential tax bill of 2.9%. Over the next 5-6 weeks, staff will engage Council in an effort to progress to the target of zero or an appropriate level of tax increase which balances the need to hold tax increases while protecting services.

Budget Summary Report (Book 1) (PDF, 1.41 MB)
Departmental Overviews (Book  2) (PDF, 1.25 MB)

2013 Budget Presentations

Tax Operating Budget Workshops

Council was to hold two workshops (November 27th, November 29th) to receive draft budget information, confirm budget principles and provide feedback to staff. However, with the extension of the November 21st GIC into the full day of November 27th, the November 27th and 29th Operating Budget Workshops were cancelled. The revised process provided Councillors with copies of the department presentations and included these on the agenda for the December 7th GIC meeting. At the December 7th GIC, staff provided an overview presentation and entertained questions from Council on all the information provided. The individual department presentations distributed as part of the  December 7th agenda as well as the overview presentation can be found below. In keeping with the approved principles, staff will develop a preliminary budget which works towards Council target while preserving programs and services.

2013 Draft Departmental Tax Budget Presentation Information Report (PDF, 735 KB)
Overview Presentation (PDF, 188 KB)

2013 Budget Presentations

Preliminary Outlook

The 2013 Tax Budget Guideline and Preliminary Outlook was presented at the General Issues Committee meeting held on September 28, 2012, with the following recommendation approved by Council at the October 10th, 2012 Council meeting: "That, in an effort to achieve the goal of an overall tax impact of zero percent for City Services, all City departments target a 2013 budget guideline of 0% increase, an that any increase be forwarded for consideration with appropriate explanation". 

2013 Tax Budget Guideline & Preliminary Outlook Report (PDF, 132 KB)
2013 Tax Budget Guideline & Preliminary Outlook Presentation (PDF, 187 KB)