City Budgets

2015 Tax and Rate Budgets

On April 8, 2015, City Council approved the 2015 Operating Budget. The 2015 final municipal tax impact for 2015 is a 2.7 per cent increase or approximately $99 for the average residential property assessed at $284,600.

The 2015 Operating Budget focuses on significant investment in economic growth related enhancements and less reliance on reserves.

The budget includes funding for various City-wide programs and services.

Some of the highlights of the 2015 budget include:

  • $1,728,730 towards ambulances and additional paramedics
  • $1,245,000 for enhanced transit services
  • $890,000 for Accessible Transportation Services
  • $500,000 for the Strategic Municipal Investment in the Arts program
  • $100,560 for improved air quality

Budget basics

View the 2015 Approved Operating and Capital Budget Book (PDF, 975 KB).

There are three components to the budget: 

The Operating Budget funds ongoing financial obligations and costs to provide programs and services to the public.

Examples of operating expenses are:

  • Employee salary/wages/benefits and pension
  • Material and supplies
  • Services from other agencies
  • Contractual costs – rent and various office or operating equipment
  • Facilities costs, including utilities, repairs and maintenance
  • Financial transactions, such as interest
Examples of operating revenues are:

  • User fees
  • Grants
  • Subsidies
  • Licence and permit fees
  • Property tax revenue

Department Budget Presentations

The Capital Budget supports infrastructure and investments such as buying or building assets such as buildings, equipment, vehicles and land.

The 2015 Tax-Supported Capital Budget will fund various projects which will ultimately benefit residents and the Hamilton community.

City staff and Council have identified a number of important areas that require capital funding. The following information only includes select projects of the 2015 Capital Budget:

2015 Capital Funding $98,829,000

Council Priorities - $24,030,000

  • Local Roads: 6.5 lane-kms ($4.55M)
  • Neighbourhoods: 1 neighbourhood (Vincent south) 8.9 lane-kms ($1.6M)
  • Arterial (Major/Minor): 33.6 lane-kms ($14.6M)

Neighbourhood Asset Preservation Program
One of Council’s priorities includes the Neighbourhood Asset Preservation Program which is focused on the rehabilitation of roads and sidewalks in the City of Hamilton. Within the 2015 Capital Roads program, Council approved two neighbourhoods to be addressed through the program which include the Vincent and Berrisfield neighbourhoods located in Wards 5 and 6.

For those roads that would benefit from a road rehabilitation strategy, the program addresses the deterioration by adding life to City roads with a new pavement surface. In addition to road resurfacing, sidewalks with the existence of high risk trip hazards are then repaired.  

Bridges and Structures - $15,374,000
The following bridge structure projects are proposed for 2015 construction. 

  • Centennial Parkway ($4.3 M)
  • Claremont Access ($3.2 M)
  • King Street, east of Elm Street, Stoney Creek ($500,000)
  • York Boulevard, north of Valley Inn Road, Hamilton ($350,000)
  • Haldibrook Road, Glancaster ($500,000)
  • Highway 8, Dundas ($1.0M)

Road Rehabilitation - $7,620,000

  • Arterial: 15.5 lane-kms ($4,320,000)
  • Rural Arterial/ Collector road rehabilitation amount: 53.5 lane-kms ($2,000,000)

Road Replacement Program - $15,170,000

  • Local: 0.4 lane-kms ($330,000)
  • Arterial: 15.1 lane-kms ($12.7M)

Development Engineering Growth Related Projects – $16,600,000
The budget supports the renovation of existing roads from a rural to an urban cross section to improve road safety and increase highway capacity to accommodate growth. Urbanized roads will include sidewalks and/ or bike lanes to create “walkable” communities.

A large part of the budget also supports the construction or a new by-pass road to alleviate traffic congestion in the rapidly growing Waterdown community by removing commuter traffic off local roads.

Traffic Signals Capital Programs - $8,170,000
Traffic Operations and Engineering capital budget funds support; the installation of new signalized intersections, the replacement of existing aging signal infrastructure (39 locations in 2015) and the modernization of various signal locations. These upgrades improve traffic flow, improve safety and prevent equipment failures. Funding also allows for the implementation of traffic calming measures and for Accessible Pedestrian Installations to comply with the AODA legislative requirements and transportation guidelines, which also improves the safety of pedestrians.

The capital programs fund the development of an Advanced Traffic Management System which includes the integration of video detection cameras back to a centralized communication centre. Upgrades to the electrical system are also funded to reduce the risk of electrical shocks. Upgrades to the signals in the Pan Am corridor are a priority for 2015 and the East/West corridor as a 2016 priority.

2015 Capital Funding – $11,005,000

West Harbour Development
The West Harbour Waterfront Development Plan has been approved by Council for a four year period 2015 to 2018. This project is an initiative that will transform the waterfront, the downtown and the broader community. Today, Council has approved a further investment over the next four years that will lead to new private-sector multi-residential and commercial development within the west harbour area. The City’s investment will be in public infrastructure upgrades, shoreline rehabilitation, park-space, recreational trails and boardwalks, marina re-build, as well as other public space enhancements.

2015 Waterfront Key Projects:

  • Detailed Design & Construction – Pier 7 Shoreline and Transient Docks
  • Detailed Design – Breakwater Structure
  • Pier 8 – Urban Design Study
  • Pier 8 Master Development Plan
  • Pier 5-8 Primary Servicing Design
  • Pier 8 Sanitary Pumping Station Design
  • Marina Dock replacement – Phase 1 and 2
  • Implementation of a Community Engagement Program
  • Marine Docks servicing design

2015 Capital Funding – $25,143,000

Stadium Precinct Senior’s Recreation/ Community Centre (Ward 3)
The centre will be intended to serve the seniors in Lower Hamilton. The seniors’ center will include a gymnasium, activity and program rooms. The recreation centre will include leisure pool and multi-purpose rooms.

Recreation Centres WiFi
Public facing WiFi will be installed in 26 recreation centres, community centres and arenas.

Recreation Centre Retrofits
There will be various recreation centre retrofits across the City of Hamilton. This includes renovations, repairs and mechanical and electrical upgrades within the recreation centres as well as address accessibility concerns. Funding will also be dedicated to elevator upgrades at the Central Memorial Recreation Centre and Ancaster Aquatic Centre.

Park and Fieldhouse Retrofits
The City will complete renovations, repairs and upgrades within park and field house buildings to address lifecycle renewal, safety and accessibility concerns. Some 2015 priorities may include:

  • Montgomery Park Facility
  • Mahoney Park Facility
  • Bobby Kerr-Berrisfield Community Council Storage Building Design
  • Trenholm Park Washroom Design
  • Mount Hope Park Facility
  • demolition of Park and Fieldhouse Facilities in poor condition.

2015 Capital Funding – $1,950,000

Macassa Lodge will have a new kitchen to prepare food for the 270 residents who live at the Lodge. In addition to this, the dining areas will be replaced and modernized. Wentworth Lodge will be installing a new nursing call system that residents use on a regular basis when they require assistance.

2015 Capital Funding – $24,028,000

HSR Bus Replacement Program/ Non-revenue Vehicle Replace Program/ Ranger replacement and external bus stop announcement upgrade/ Transit Automated Passenger Counting System
In the spring of 2015, there will be 24 new replacement HSR Buses. The City committed to $3M in Federal Gas Tax and $700, 000 to help fund the new buses. There are also projects to replace Non-Revenue (inspectors) Vehicles, upgrade obsolete Ranger radios and install passenger counting equipment.

Accessible Transportation Services (DARTS) - Vehicle Replacement Program/ Paratransit Software Solutions - Suspension Module and Enhanced Client Certification Computer Software Modules
The DARTS Vehicle Replacement Program will replace DARTS buses due for replacement in 2015. Additionally, computer software to better maintain data about DARTS users and their requirements will be purchased in 2015.

Transit Maintenance and Storage Facility Expansion Study/ Transit Priority Measures/ A & B-Line Passenger Amenities Phase 2/ Transit Shelter Expansion Project/ Mobility Programs/ Transportation Demand Management Programs
In 2015, there is a plan to further expand the transit shelter inventory by up to 30 shelters. Additionally, there will also be enhanced passenger services at stops along the A & B-Line corridors. Transit Priority Measures include potential signal priority for buses and jump lanes in higher traffic areas.

Conventional Transit – Bus Stop Landing Pad Program/ Bus Shelter/ Bench Refurbishment & Replacement Program
In order to improve accessibility, there will be the installation of landing pads in and around the City. The project will target shelters and benches in need of repair which will improve the physical appearance of the transit system.

Replace Transit Fleet Bus Hoists/ Trapeze Enterprise Asset Management Fleet Management/ Transit Hybrid Bus Battery Replacement
Funding will ensure that hoists beyond their useful life will be replaced. The batteries in the hybrid buses are at the end of their life and many may need to be replaced, and trapeze software will be needed to replace the current inventory management system.

The Rate Budget is a combined operating budget that funds costs for water, wastewater, and storm programs that support Hamilton's ability to provide clean, safe drinking water to its residents as well as protect the natural environment through wastewater collection and treatment. 

2015 tax dollars at work

2015 tax dollars at work pie chart - Services for your tax dollar based on the average home. Total:$3,193
Municipal services for the average house assessed at $284,600 in 2015.

Follow the development of the budget as it is reviewed, debated and approved at the General Issues Committee. Details on when and where General Issues Committee’s meetings are held are available at