City Budgets

2020 Tax and Rate Budgets

From plowing the snow in the winter to opening the public pools in the summer, to transit and infrastructure, fire and paramedic services you rely on every day - your taxes go towards running City services. And every day, as a City of Hamilton tax payer, you place your trust in our employees to provide you with high quality, efficient services and programs that matter most to you. We do this by managing the budget today and planning for tomorrow.

A municipal budget is a policy and planning document that outlines our city’s priorities. Balancing those priorities is a challenging undertaking. That’s because we need to identify what we need to do now to keep providing this high level of service to our citizens and plan on what we need to do in the future. It’s also about what we can afford to do.

2020 Budget Summary

Budget 101

2020 Distribution of Tax Dollars

2020 Tax Supported Capital Budget Highlights

$397.7 million gross capital spending includes:

  • $151.9 million towards Transit initiatives
  • $77.9 million towards Roads, bridges, traffic, sidewalks
  • $28.3 million towards Housing Initiatives
  • $23.0 million towards Roads growth
  • $20.9 million towards Corporate and Recreation facilities
  • $11.7 million towards Fire and Paramedic Services
  • $10.9 million towards Open Space Development
  • $10.2 million towards West Harbour Strategic initiatives
  • $10.1 million towards Central Fleet Vehicle and Equipment replacement
  • $8.9 million towards Waste Management initiatives
  • $4.1 million towards Forestry and Horticulture

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