City Budgets

2021 Tax and Rate Budgets

From plowing the snow in the winter to opening the public pools in the summer, to transit and infrastructure, fire and paramedic services you rely on every day - your taxes go towards running City services. And every day, as a City of Hamilton tax payer, you place your trust in our employees to provide you with high quality, efficient services and programs that matter most to you. We do this by managing the budget today and planning for tomorrow.

A municipal budget is a policy and planning document that outlines our City’s priorities. Balancing those priorities is a challenging undertaking. That’s because we need to identify what we need to do now to keep providing this high level of service to our residents and plan on what we need to do in the future. It’s also about what we can afford to do.

2021 Preliminary Budget Information

The Canadian economy is in the deepest recession since the 1930s due to COVID-19, peaking in April and slowly recovering throughout the summer with the gradual reopening of the economy.  Municipalities were hit particularly hard as they managed service continuity for essential services and infrastructure during the lockdown period.  While financial pressures for municipalities in 2020 were somewhat alleviated through the historic Safe Restart Agreement and Social Services Relief Fund, it is anticipated that health risks will continue to remain on an ongoing basis and economic activity is not expected to return to pre-COVID-19 levels until at least 2022.

The City will continue to face many financial pressures in 2021 including the loss of revenue from transit operations and recreation user fees, as well as, increased costs for Public Health and housing for the most vulnerable.  Based on current information, staff is projecting financing pressures related to COVID-19 in 2021 between $34.8 M and $59.2 M

The 2021 Tax Operating Budget outlook has been updated with the most current information available and the estimated municipal levy increase of $44.6 M, requires  a 4.0% municipal property tax increase, which translates to $146 for the average residential property assessed at $380,300.

2021 Tax Rate

The preliminary outlook for the 2021 Rate Operating Budget projects an operating expenditure increase for Hamilton Water Division of approximately $1.7 M or 2.0% over the 2020 Budget. The recommended rate increase for 2021 is 4.28% which is largely comprised of capital financing requirements.

2021 Tax Water rate

2021 Budget Reports and Presentations