Current Development Charge Rates and Information

Full 2014 Development Charge Background Study

City of Hamilton Development Charge Background Study - Full Report (PDF, 32.6 MB)

Development Charges Information Pamphlets

The City of Hamilton’s DC Deferral Program mentioned on page 1 of the pamphlet is currently only accepting Industrial Development applications. The City’s Residential and Non-Industrial Development DC Deferral program has reached capacity and the City will not be accepting applications until further notice.

Development Charges By-laws

Education Board DC By-laws

Parkland Dedication Fees

Please note that Parkland Dedication fees are separate and distinct from Development Charges. 
Questions or inquiries related to Parkland Dedication can be emailed to


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For questions or inquiries related to Development Charges, contact:

Lindsay Gillies
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 2790

Abe Chegou
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