Financial Results

Municipal Performance Measurement Program

The City of Hamilton’s 2013 results under the Province’s Municipal Performance Measurement Program are summarized in this document.

View the 2013 Municipal Performance Measurement Program Results (PDF, 180 KB)

The goals of the Municipal Performance Measurement Program are:

  • Create measures/indicators of efficiency and effectiveness of public services
  • Produce information that municipalities can use to make decisions to improve local services
  • Strengthen municipal accountability to taxpayers
  • Monitor ongoing performance to assist in planning for future commitments
  • Evaluate past performance and allow municipalities to share best practices

This document provides the City of Hamilton’s MPMP results for 2009 to 2013 for comparison purposes. There are many factors that can contribute to results for each of the performance measures. These factors can include:

  • Service levels
  • Area and population served
  • Climate
  • Geographic location
  • Age of infrastructure
  • Accounting practices


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