Multi-Year Business Plans

About the Multi-year Business Plans

Image of city hallThe City of Hamilton is the fifth-largest municipality in Ontario and the tenth-largest municipality in Canada. As a global city, Hamilton boasts a renowned education sector as well as a thriving arts scene. Industries in Hamilton include manufacturing, bioscience and medical, and agriculture. Our vision is to be the best place to raise a child and age successfully. Our mission is to provide high quality cost conscious public services that contribute to a healthy, safe and prosperous community, in a sustainable manner.

2016-2025 Strategic Plan

With the 2016-2025 Strategic Plan always in our focus, and with Council’s support, the Senior Leadership Team is committed to using performance measurement, continuous improvement methods, digital strategies and increased business acumen to accomplish our goals.

One approach to increasing the City’s business acumen is adopting multi-year business planning and budget.   An integrated business planning and budget process improves transparency and decision making by providing Council, and tax and rate payers more information about where City funds are used, linking service costs to service levels and outcomes, and better connecting long-term goals to short term spending decisions.

Essentially, the City’s Strategic Plan sets the direction of the business plans and all other organizational plans.  These multi-year business plans serve as a roadmap to identify the activities, performance measures and specific people responsible for confirming objectives of the City’s departments or boards are met.  A multi-year budget is developed to support the business plans by ensuring the activities in the plan are funded.  The ultimate goal is to develop a self-managed organization where everything we do is a cycle of continuous improvement results. 

The ultimate goal is to develop a self-managed organization where everything we do is an ongoing cycle of continuous improvement.

Trust and Confidence

This process supports the Trust and Confidence report which combines community and demographic information, as well as performance measurement information to provide context and timely information for Hamilton City Council and the public.

Budgets, Performance and Accountability

Multi-year budget supports the business plans by ensuring the activities in the plan are funded, while a performance measurement and monitoring framework assess program and service performance by monitoring progress in achieving the intended results.

An integrated business planning and budget process relies on performance measurement to provide evidence to support the budget along with decisions regarding new or enhanced services and ultimately demonstrates whether the service delivery practices provide value for money. As part of the City’s Performance Excellence Program, the Results Based Accountability (RBA) approach has been implemented as a performance measurement methodology. RBA uses a data-driven, decision-making process to help communities and organizations get beyond talking about problems to taking action to
solve problems.

While each of our 15 Wards and six amalgamated communities are unique in landscape, needs and community focus; the commonality that over 500,000 residents share is the pride they feel when calling Hamilton home.

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