Multi-Year Business Plans

Multi-Year Business Plans

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It’s often referenced that municipal or local government is the order of government that is closest to the lives of its residents, and that there is an increased demand on government to share information and improve transparency. Over the past number of years, the City of Hamilton has been working hard to implement changes and increase accountability to citizens.

The City’s adoption of multi-year business planning and budgeting is an important step forward in improving our business acumen, strategic decision-making and, ultimately, service to our residents.

It will provide taxpayers with more information about how City funds are used, more clearly link service costs to service levels and outcomes, and reinforce the connection between long-term goals and short-term spending decisions, ensuring that we’re making the right investments, at the right time. Hamilton residents expect all orders of governments to work to make their lives better – through our multi-year budgets, residents will get a better appreciation on how orders of governments are coming together to deliver more to Hamilton residents.

It will better position us to assess current and future needs and make informed strategic recommendations on investments. Ultimately, it will allow us to prove to Council and our residents that we deliver services well, help us identify where we can improve, and strengthen the public’s trust and confidence in our ability to deliver quality services now, in 2025 and beyond.

We are committed to using performance measurement, continuous improvement methods and digital strategies to help us ensure we accomplish our 2016-2025 Strategic Plan goals. These approaches will continue to lead us in the direction of having a municipality that is open and accountable to residents.

Mike Zegarac,
Interim City Manager

Download the full 2019-2022 Multi-Year Business Plans document (PDF, 69 MB). Individual departmental Business Plans below.



Photo of Jason Thorne, General Manager of Planning and Economic DevelopmentPlanning and Economic Development (PED) contributes to the City of Hamilton’s vision to be the best place to raise a child and age successfully.Together with its partners, the department brings this vision to life through effective planning for existing and future communities, processing of development applications, support for new and existing businesses, delivery of major infrastructure and development projects, support for the city’s heritage, culture and arts, and ensuring the health, safety and well-being of the public through compliance with municipal by-laws.



Planning and Economic Development contributes to the City’s vision by:

  • supporting the coordination of land use and infrastructure planning to ensure that growth aligns with the objectives of the City of Hamilton’s Official Plan.
  • facilitating the review and approval of planning and building applications, permits, licences and inspections to advance the livability, vibrancy, safety and sustainability of the city.
  • supporting the growth and renewal of the city’s historic commercial areas and downtowns.
  • facilitating the establishment and growth of businesses and employers
  • supporting City departments to administer the purchasing, selling and leasing of property.
  • managing the planning, design, construction, maintenance operations and enforcement of the City’s public parking program.
  • seeking compliance, while ensuring public safety is obtained through education and enforcement of the City’s by-laws.
  • delivering Hamilton’s Light Rail Transit project that features new, modern light rail vehicles and offers rapid, reliable, safe and convenient transportation.
  • strengthening and celebrating the City’s tourism, heritage and cultural resources to further quality of life and economic prosperity.
  • ensuring that people’s day to day travel choices are safe, convenient and reliable, and over time, help the City become more sustainable.

Read the Planning and Economic Development Multi-Year Budget Plan (PDF, 11.2 MB)



Image of Dr. Elizabeth Richardon, Medical Officer of HealthHealthy and Safe Communities Department contributes towards the City of Hamilton’s vision to be the best place to raise a child and age successfully. Together with its partners, the department brings this vision to life by creating a city where people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures and income levels have the opportunity to succeed. Enhancing the quality of life for Hamiltonians requires building a diverse and inclusive city, connecting people and neighbourhoods, assuring accessible and affordable housing, achieving health through safe and healthy environments and ensuring public safety through the deployment of fire and emergency medical services.

The department delivers a broad array of social, recreation and leisure programs that promote active lifestyles, wellness, inclusive communities and vibrant neighbourhoods. It ensures citizens have access to public health programs they need from monitoring the city for communicable diseases, to developing services for local families of all stages during their children’s development, and working to ensure the safety of the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. In addition, the department promotes and protects public safety through education programs and services, and emergency response systems.

Healthy and Safe Communities contributes to the City’s vision by:

  • creating an understanding of the health of the population in Hamilton through population health assessment.
  • collaborating with the healthcare system and community partners to identify health needs in order to inform service planning.
  • using evidence informed decision making and data in the design and delivery of services.
  • working in collaboration with partners to reduce health inequities in the community.
  • influencing policy to promote active lifestyles through physical activity, healthy eating and natural and built environments.
  • improving services to enable all children to attain and sustain optimal health and developmental potential.
  • reducing and preventing infectious disease, addressing substance misuse and mental wellbeing and ensuring preparedness in the event of a public health emergency.

Read the Healthy and Safe Communities Multi-Year Budget Plan (PDF, 16.2 MB)



image of Dan McKinnon, General Manager of Public WorksPublic Works contribute towards the City of Hamilton’s vision to be the best place to raise a child and age successfully. Together with its partners, the department brings this vision to life, whether it’s moving people or goods comfortably and predictably along our roads, ensuring they are clear and in good repair, making our drinking water safe and reliable, keeping waste out of our environment and recovering resources for sustainability. Public Works provides services that are central to the lives of Hamiltonians.

Quality of life is further enhanced through the development and maintenance of beautiful public parks, trails, cemeteries, golf courses and open spaces, as well as providing facilities that enable fitness and entertainment for citizens to enjoy. 

To ensure that this is possible for all citizens now and in the future, the department plans, rehabilitates and replaces our built infrastructure efficiently and in a timely way whenever needed.  In addition to the built environment and infrastructure, many people work behind the scenes to provide high value internal services for the entire corporation; from caring for the City’s vehicles and equipment, to planning and implementing energy and environmental initiatives in order to help the City achieve its energy efficiency targets and improve air quality.

Public Works contributes to the City’s vision by:

  • planning, designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining municipal parks, programmed open space, recreational trails, and municipal cemeteries.
  • maintaining the urban and rural tree canopy on City property, including streets and parks.
  • providing horticultural features in traffic islands, roundabouts, boulevards, hanging baskets, planters, and civic properties.
  • delivering municipal waste collection programs, operating waste processing facilities to handle recyclables and organic waste, and managing active and inactive landfill sites.
  • delivering  energy  projects to achieve corporate energy efficiency targets through continuous improvement, utility and commodity management, energy engineering, and employing renewable energy and new technology.
  • developing policies and strategies for the City’s transportation network and infrastructure.
  • designing roads that are safe for all road users and pedestrians.
  • planning, designing and providing minor rehabilitation work of the City’s road systems, as well as operating and maintaining them in adherence to legislated standards and regulations in a safe, cost effective and efficient manner. 
  • assessing and implementing solutions to provide improved traffic road safety and operations throughout Hamilton.
  • operating and maintaining a large network of water-related infrastructure which provides the City with uninterrupted water, wastewater and storm-water services.
  • providing quality water services that contribute to a healthy, safe and prosperous community through excellence and disciplined water management practices.
  • designing and constructing the City’s Waterfront Development initiative.
  • maintaining the City’s transit service and infrastructure in a state of good repair with a vision to accommodate future needs.
  • providing a customer focused experience that is safe, accessible, efficient, and inclusive to all users of the City’s public transit services.
  • operating and maintaining City vehicles and equipment throughout the entire life cycle.
  • operating, maintaining, preserving and improving Corporate buildings and facilities throughout the City.

Read the Public Works Multi-Year Budget Plan (PDF, 15.2 MB)



Image of Chris Murray, City ManagerThe City Manager’s Office contributes directly towards the City of Hamilton’s vision “to be the best place to raise a child and age successfully.” The department provides leadership and direction to the organization, focusing and aligning activities to the vision, mission and priorities of the City’s Strategic Plan. Along with corporate guidance, the department provides critical support services and targeted professional advice to Council, Boards and Agencies, internal departments in the fields of auditing services, human resource management, digital transformation, communications, strategic partnerships, community engagement, and revenue generation.

The department provides strategic and administrative support to the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and Corporate Leadership Team (CLT) to ensure Council’s decisions are coordinated and implemented effectively into City services. The City Manager’s Office is committed to transparency, continuous improvement and performance measurement, working collaboratively with Council and the operating departments to ensure the delivery of value for money projects and programs. In addition, the department plays a vital role in advancing the City of Hamilton’s progressive brand reputation through strategic communications, citizen engagement and community partnerships.

City Manager’s Office contributes to the City’s vision by:


  • recruiting, developing, and retain the very best and diverse talent to deliver services to our community in the most efficient and effective manner possible
  • developing and implementing corporate tools and processes that link the provision of all services with the City’s strategic and corporate priorities while focusing on performance
  • leveraging City of Hamilton assets, programs and relationships to provide the best strategic value to taxpayers.
  • investing in the community through the Community Enrichment Fund in areas, such as agriculture, arts, communities, culture and heritage, community services, environmental and sport and active lifestyles.
  • evolving the City’s services on-line in a way that is simple and easy to use.
  • leading and supporting digital transformation of services with all departments.


  • developing external partnerships to enhance the City’s digital infrastructure.
  • communicating information in a fast and easy to understand format across multiple channels, such as web, social media and print.
  • overseeing the City’s brand and reputation by managing the City’s website, social media channels, and marketing and design.
  • guiding the City to manage risk, exploit opportunities and realize improvements that make operations more efficient, effective, transparent, and compliant with policies and regulations.
  • supporting internal organizational partners to ensure the consistent application of the
  • City’s guiding documents, including collective agreements, policies, and relevant employment legislation.
  • promoting and administering programs that support diversity and inclusion, and employee health and wellness.

Read the City Manager’s Office Multi-Year Budget Plan (PDF, 5.3 MB)



Image of Mike Zegarac General Manager, Corporate ServicesCorporate Services contributes towards the City of Hamilton’s vision to be the best place to raise a child and age successfully. This department provides critical support services and targeted professional advice in the field of law, risk management, information technology, municipal governance, financial management, provincial offences administration, and customer service to Council, Boards and Agencies, internal departments and key stakeholders in order to successfully achieve strategic objectives.

An array of financial and administrative support is offered across the organization to help fund and deliver vital programs and services to the citizens of Hamilton. Corporate Services proactively reports financial performance and effectively manages the flow of money that has resulted in the achievement of an AA+ credit rating. In addition, this department provides convenient phone, counter and email access to City services, inclusive of after-hours City emergency support. Corporate Services is committed to providing sensational service and has been awarded the internationally recognized 2017 Gold Marcom Award for its Customer Service training program.

Corporate Services contributes to the City’s vision by:


  • providing effective management, and financial oversight of the City’s financial systems and reporting, as well as manage the administration of development charges, development agreements and utility rate policies.
  • overseeing the effective and timely billing and collection of property taxes which contributes to a major source of funding for City operations.
  • managing and conducting municipal elections and by-elections on behalf of the City of Hamilton and applicable school boards.
  • managing Council and Committee meetings, quasi-judicial boards, as well as coordinating the appointments of citizens to committees, boards and agencies. managing Council and Committee meetings, quasi-judicial boards, as well as coordinating the appointments of citizens to committees, boards and agencies.


  • providing secure, reliable, responsive and cost-effective information technology services for the City of Hamilton.
  • providing expert internal legal advice, as well as representation/advocacy for issues that are before the courts and tribunals.
  • mitigating risk proactively through the acquisition of insurance and the investigation and management of insurance claims.
  • administrating and prosecuting provincial and municipal offences on behalf of approximately forty enforcement agencies filing charges in our courts.
  • providing sensational and accessible in-person counter, telephone and email municipal service to all residents, businesses and visitors.

Read the Corporate Services Multi-Year Budget Plan (PDF, 3.7 MB)