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Current bid opportunities

For current bid opportunities visit

Vendor registration

If you are interested in doing business with the City, vendors need to register at Registered vendors will receive an email alert when any new solicitations are issued regarding City procurements that relate to the vendor's selected commodities.

Contact the procurement team

The procurement team is a team of resourceful skilled professionals, working in partnership with their customers to procure the best product/service in the most efficient manner for the City of Hamilton.

Fair Wage Policy and Fair Wage Schedule

The Fair Wage Policy and Fair Wage Schedule ensures that contractors and sub-contractors pay wages at least equal or greater than the wages set out in the Fair Wage Schedule and is applicable to all City construction contracts.

Purchase Order Conditions

These Purchase Order terms and conditions form part of every Purchase Order issued by the City. No variation of the Purchase Order, including these terms and conditions, is authorized unless such variation has been approved by the City in writing.

Set up payments to be deposited directly into your bank account

Electronic Funds Transfers allows the City to deposit payments directly into your bank account. These EFT payments are faster and eliminates lost cheques.