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Automated Accounts Payable Approval system

A message to Accounts Payable Vendors

The City of Hamilton will continue to process invoice payments during the COVID-19 shutdown. In order to ensure invoices are being processed on a timely basis, vendors should email invoices to the address of the Department/Division that the goods or services have been provided to. Review details below.


The City of Hamilton has implemented an Automated Accounts Payable Approval system. To ensure your invoices are processed for payment on a timely basis, email invoices to the appropriate address for the department/division the goods or services were provided.

The invoice and backup must be in PDF, EXCEL or WORD format. A separate file for each invoice (attach invoice backup to same file) is required, although multiple files can be submitted on one email. By providing accurate purchase order, delivery location and/or contact information, your invoices can be routed for approval on a timely basis. Please use the following Accounts Payable email addresses when submitting your invoices. 

Note: Only invoices should be sent to these email addresses, statements, past due invoice copies or overdue notices should be forwarded to the General Accounts Payable email address [email protected].

Invoices submitted to the above invoice email addresses will be automatically uploaded to our system and routed for approval. There is no need to mail a paper copy of the invoice. Do not email or mail invoices directly to departmental staff, this will result in payment delays. If you are unable to send invoices by email, Accounts Payable will manually update our system with invoices mailed to the following address:

City Hall - Accounts Payable Section
71 Main Street West
Hamilton, ON  L8P 4Y5

In addition to electronically processing invoices, the City of Hamilton will now pay vendors by Electronic Funds Transfer.  

Your cooperation in submitting your invoices electronically will assist us in reaching our goal of improving efficiency, reducing processing costs and meeting payment terms. 

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