Properties for Sale or Lease

We list City-owned property sales online or advertise them through a Request for Proposal or Tender.

Hamilton Beach properties for sale

The following are the sale terms for beach lots in Hamilton:

  • Being sold “as is”
  • No financing available.
  • Council must approve all offers.
  • Building covenants registered on title.
  • Special considerations (PDF, 3.14 MB)

Properties recently leased or sold

  • 13 Grafton Avenue
  • 9 Clare Avenue
  • 20 Clare Avenue
  • 28 James Street North, Unit D
  • 411 Wilson Street
  • 500 Beach Boulevard
  • 512 Beach Boulevard

Downtown properties for sale or lease

There are currently no downtown properties available

Heritage properties for sale or lease

Long-term leasing opportunity

Address: 88 Fennell Avenue West
Description: Land situated at the North-East corner of Fennell Avenue West and West Fifth Street in the City of Hamilton.  
Size: 3.765 hectares (approximately 9.5 acres)
Zoning: “C” District By-law 6593 (PDF, 3 MB)
Landuse: Major Institutional,Urban Hamilton Official Plan

For this City of Hamilton owned heritage site, City Council has authorized and directed City staff to explore the opportunity of securing a long-term lease, or operating and management agreement with an interested not-for-profit organization or similar body that will need to include:

  • Restoration, capital repairs and ongoing maintenance of Auchmar Estates by the organization;
  • Provide reasonable on-going public access to the buildings and grounds; and
  • Preserve the heritage of the estate and align with the provisions contained in the Heritage Conservation Easement as they relate to the Auchmar Estate.

Aerial photo of Auchmar Estates

Heritage description

The City of Hamilton has chosen, at this time, to maintain ownership of Auchmar Estates and to have it remain within the public domain; and recognizes that its Heritage interests in the real property could be best leveraged for broader public benefit through strategic alignment with a not-for-profit organization or similar body towards the restoration, operation and management through either a long-term lease or operating and management agreement. 

The estate is a property of significant cultural heritage value derived from its historical associations with Isaac Buchanan and his development of the site as a "gentleman's" country estate set on the Niagara Escarpment. The circa 1855 estate now comprises a manor house in the Gothic Revival style, a carriage house, high garden walls with two arched passage ways, a square two-storey dovecote and extensive grounds.  An extensive addition was constructed in 1963 and comprises a two-storey building accommodating a 50-room dormitory and a place of worship. A limited number of parking spaces are now provided within the property that can accommodate approximately 25 vehicles.

The property is recognized both locally and provincially, and designated under the Ontario Heritage Act. The property is subject to a Heritage Conservation Easement and held by the Ontario Heritage Trust any anticipated adaptive re-uses of the buildings and grounds are subject to the provisions of the Ontario Heritage Act and terms of the Ontario Heritage Trust easement respectively.

Submit an offer

The City of Hamilton is open to receiving proposals at any time before August 31, 2016. You can submit your proposal by email or in person (if submitting by hardcopy, include four copies) to:

David McCullagh
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 1647

Business model

In responding to this long-term leasing opportunity, The City of Hamilton expects that with any respondent’s proposal, respondent’s also need to be able to provide examples of other various tangible business models similar in context & objective as with other demonstrated viable heritage projects either accomplished by a respondent or a demonstration of its ability to complete. 


Upon review of the various responses received, City Staff as authorized and directed by City Council and in consultation with Ontario Heritage Trust, will hold confidential meetings with some or all of the respondents. Any such meeting will serve as the mechanism for possible further discussion from the information submitted by the respondent, as well as negotiation on the key elements of the project and the business model being proposed to the City. The representative of a respondent at any scheduled meeting is expected to be thoroughly versed and knowledgeable with respect to the objectives of this opportunity advice and the contents of the respondent’s proposal.  


Upon the culmination of this exploration and negotiation process, the outcome and recommendation(s) will be presented back to Council through the General Issues Committee, for direction and approval.

The City, however, in its own unfettered discretion may reject further exploration on any submission of a respondent who fails to observe with the spirit of this leasing opportunity or if the City may elect not to proceed further with this leasing opportunity.

Intelluctual property rights

Note that each respondent needs to ensure that the information shared in its proposal does not infringe any intellectual property right of any third party and agrees to indemnify and save harmless the City of Hamilton, its staff and its consultants, if any, against all claims, actions, suits and proceedings, including all costs incurred by the City of Hamilton brought by any person in respect of the infringement or alleged infringement of any patent, copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property right in connection with their input to the City.


Respondent’s and their affiliates, associates, third-party service providers, and subcontractors should refrain from releasing for publication any information in connection with this consultation without prior written permission of the City of Hamilton. 

Commercial properties for sale or lease

Commercial Retail Office Space for lease

Address: 162 King William Street (at Walnut Street North Com-2)
Description: Street front, two smaller units combined on the ground floor of a mixed used residential/commercial building. Located directly across from Hamilton Police Service Headquarters.  Commercial space base building condition (carpet, t-bar ceiling, lighting and washrooms) ready for tenant’s finishes and furniture. Municipal parking directly across from space with metered on-street parking. 162 King William is very professional in appearance and well located steps from the King Street bus route and access to the downtown core.
Size: approximately 1,600 square feet
Zoning: D3 - Downtown Mixed Use, Residential, Commercial Office (PDF, 45 KB)
Additional expenses: HVAC
Asking price: $25 per square foot gross depending upon term and use. Leased "As Is"

Floor plan (PDF, 110 KB)

Submit an offer

All offer submissions require a 10% deposit by certified cheque.

If you have any questions about any of the properties for sale, contact:
Sherree Donald
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 6698 

David McCullagh
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 1647

Map of Property for Lease - 162 King William Street

Property for Lease - 162 King William Street

Commercial Retail/Office Space for lease

Address: First Place Hamilton, 350 King Street East (Concourse level)
Description: First Place Hamilton is an affordable senior lifestyle community located at the gateway to downtown Hamilton, with over 460 independent living apartments and 75 retirement living suites. This facility has a street level concourse with the leasing opportunity to offer an array of retail shops & services not only for the convenience of First Place residents, but also to a surrounding vibrant and established community.
Size: Store front units ranging from approximately 350 square feet to over 5,000 square feet
Additional expenses: HVAC, Hydro, Realty Taxes
Lease rate: Net, Net (Base Rent /CAM) and contingent on proposed use. Leased "As Is" ready for tenant's own fit-up and leasehold improvements

Submit an offer

All offer submissions require a 10% deposit by certified cheque.

If you have any questions about any of the properties for lease, contact:
David McCullagh
Phone: 905-546-2424 ext. 1647

Property for Sale: 350 King Street East

Property for Sale: 350 King Street East

Property for Sale: 350 King Street East

Development opportunities

Cover of the Pier 8 - Preliminary Prospectus

The City is pursuing a two-stage, competitive bid process to sell 5.24 hectares of fully-serviced, mixed-use, waterfront development lands at Pier 8.  At full build-out, Pier 8 will be a landmark model of urban living in Hamilton and will be integrated with a remarkable public recreation area that the City plans to expand and enhance through a $140 million capital investment. Learn more about development opportunities in West Harbour