Community in Motion Awards

Community in Motion Awards

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What are the Community in Motion Awards?

The Community in Motion Award is an award to recognize members of the community who have made an effort to actively support and promote the use of healthy and sustainable ways of getting around, and enjoying, Hamilton.

What are the categories for the Community in Motion Awards?

There are 8 award categories that can be given to an individual, school, and business or organization that fosters a culture of active transportation within the City:

  • Bicycle-friendly Business/Organization
  • Pedestrian-friendly Business/Organization
  • Transit-friendly Business/Organization
  • School of the Year
  • Advocate of the Year (individual or group)
  • Media Award
  • Volunteer of the Year Award
  • Walkable Neighbourhood / Community of the Year
How do I submit a nomination for the Community in Motion Awards?

To submit a nomination to the Community in Motion Awards you will need to:

  • complete our online nomination form
  • Send up to 5 images, illustrations or site plans that will help the jury understand the project
Listing of Community in Motion Award winners

Congratulations to all past winners.

How are the nominations judged?

Awards will be determined by the selection panel depending on the number and diversity of the submissions. Evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

  • Excellence in overall design, program, contributions, or coverage
  • Appropriateness of contribution to active transportation
  • Contribution to sustainability
  • Quality
  • Innovation