Community in Motion Awards

Selection Process & Panel

Awards will be determined by the selection panel depending on the number and diversity of the submissions. Evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

  • Excellence in overall design, program, contributions, or coverage
  • Appropriateness of contribution to active transportation
  • Contribution to sustainability
  • Quality
  • Innovation

Selection panel

Winners from the previous year and representatives from various City of Hamilton Transportation committees will make up the selection committee each year, with the exception of the inaugural year.

Committee members:

  • Delegates, Award Winners from previous year (up to 5 persons) 
  • Delegate, Hamilton Cycling Advisory Committee
  • Delegate, Hamilton Pedestrian Mobility Advisory Committee
  • Delegate, Hamilton Transportation Management Association
  • Delegate, Hamilton Chamber of Commerce
  • Peter Topalovic, Project Manager, Public Works Department, City of Hamilton

If applicable, selection panel members must declare a conflict-of-interest and abstain from voting on awards in individual categories where the conflict exists.