Senior of the Year Awards

The Hamilton Municipal Senior Service Awards honour senior citizens who have made an outstanding voluntary contribution to enrich the social, cultural or civic life of our community.

Lillian Wherry - 2017 Senior of theYear
Jake van Mil - Lifetime Achievement Award
Ruby Sarmiento Amog - Leadership Award
Wilfred Arndt - Economic Leadership Award
Mary Lou Collett - Healthy & Active Living Award
Bob Harris - Behind the Scenes Award
Mohammad Heidary - Diversity & Cultural Award
Myrtle Inwood - Compassion & Companionship
Shirley Kitchener - Innovation Award
June Pearce - Compassion & Companionship

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Congratulations to our nominees

Al Putland
Ben Baliat
Bev Mueller
Bob Harris
Bryan Wylie
Corinne Williams
David Clifford
David Papernick
Del Mitton
Eileen Laity

Elsie May Scott
George Cseplo
Jackie Hammond
Jake van Mil
Jan Bondy-Chorney
Jan Disselkoen
John Gabriel
Joy Birrell
June Pearce

Lillian Wherry
Marjory Hall
Mary Lou Collett
Maurice Blair
Mohammad Heidary
Myrtle Inwood
Ron Simpson
Ruby Sarmiento Amog

Ruth Simmons
Shirley King
Shirley Kitchener
Siegfried Gawlina
Trevor Thomson
Walter Decker
Wilfred Arndt


Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for a Senior Award, the senior must meet the following criteria:

  • Be 65 years or older
  • Has contributed to the enrichment of the social, cultural or civic life of the Hamilton community
  • Has made this commitment without thought of personal or financial gain
  • Is not a previous recipient of the award
  • Provided the special work or service during/ after the age of 65 (Lifetime Achievement Award excluded)
  • Has resided within the City of Hamilton for at least five years prior to nomination
  • Must be a current resident of the City of Hamilton

Submission guidelines

  • One nomination form per nominee
  • All information must be verifiable
  • Submissions must include:
    • reason for the nomination
    • the special work or service
    • the effect it had on the community
    • who has benefited from these efforts