Senior of the Year Awards

Senior of the Year Awards Categories

Senior of the Year Award

The Senior of the Year is awarded to one outstanding Hamilton resident each year who, after the age of 65 has voluntarily contributed to their community. Many different areas include the arts, literature, community service, education, fitness, sport or humanitarian activities.

Additional Recognition Awards

Those nominated for Senior of the Year are also considered for the following awards of achievement. Please ensure your submission includes a detailed description of the nominees' accomplishments that pertain to any of the additional awards.

The COVID-19 Resilience Award recognizes a senior volunteer who has displayed character, courage and fortitude in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This volunteer’s inner strength enables them to remain positive in uncertain times, and who finds solutions to the challenges that threaten the functioning, survival and/or the social-emotional lifestyle of vulnerable populations, older adults, children, healthcare workers and first responders.

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes a senior volunteer who has demonstrated excellence in long-term service, commitment to the community and dedication to volunteerism.

The Leadership Award recognizes a senior volunteer who acts as a role model and inspires commitment from others to reach goals and accomplishments.  This volunteer is passionate about serving others and demonstrates skills in service to both internal and external customers.  This individual also possesses outstanding attributes, including strong communications skills, resourcefulness, creativity and reliability.  This volunteer sets a high level of integrity by leading through example.

The Compassion and Companionship Award recognizes a senior volunteer who demonstrates fellowship and friendship through verbal and non-verbal behaviours.  This volunteer actively listens to others demonstrating empathy and concern and is someone who advocates and supports the most vulnerable within the community.

The Innovation Award recognizes a senior volunteer who has been instrumental in the creation of new or different programs or services that have had a significant impact on the community and/or lives of seniors.

The Diversity and Cultural Award recognizes a senior volunteer who has assisted in the development of creative and effective programs to bring diverse cultures together.  This volunteer helps to expand public recognitions and elevates awareness of common values including respect for all citizens.

The Economic Leadership Award recognizes a senior volunteer whose financial management, leadership, and/or fundraising efforts have contributed to the financial goals of an organization.

The Healthy and Active Living Award recognizes a senior volunteer who has assisted an organization to become and/or remain active or has been instrumental in implementing healthy lifestyle programming.

The Behind the Scenes Award recognizes a senior volunteer who is not highly visible but is always willing to assist where possible for the betterment of an organization and/or their community.

The Youth Supporting Seniors Award recognizes a youth volunteer who is a role model for other young people by dedicating a significant amount of time to helping seniors or to an organization who provides programs and/or services for seniors.