Sport Volunteer Awards Categories

There are 5 categories for the Sports Volunteer Awards:

Distinguished Adult Sport Volunteer Award

The Pearson Dunn Insurance Inc. Distinguished Adult Volunteer Award is presented to individuals who have contributed a minimum of 10 years to sport in the community. Recipients can only accept this award once and they may be screened for other awards categories.


  • Has contributed in a voluntary capacity to sport in the Hamilton Community
  • Demonstrates initiative, leadership, and commitment to sport in the Hamilton Community
  • Serves as a positive role model for others in the community
  • Supports the implementation and education of the Canadian Sport for Life framework and Physical Literacy
  • Inspires others to engage in volunteer service
  • Continually develops their skills to increase and develop their role within their organization
  • Assists in the development of their sport and its best practices

Youth Sport Volunteer Award

The future of our community lies in the hands of our youth. The City of Hamilton Youth Sport Volunteer Award is presented to a youth who is involved in volunteering, coaching, officiating or organizing sporting opportunities in Hamilton.  This recipient must display good sportsmanship, promotes fair play, encourages participation, provides a fun experience for all and represents the Hamilton community with integrity and pride. 


  • Under 19 years of age at the time of nomination
  • Must be a City of Hamilton resident
  • Involved in coaching, officiating, administering, or organizing sport opportunities in their school, recreation centre, club/league, or other facility for children or adults
  • Has accumulated approximately 1000 volunteer hours
  • Is a positive role model for others and represents the Hamilton Community with integrity and pride
  • Does not receive payment for their time, except for a potential honorarium

Major Sport Volunteer Awards

To be eligible for a major award the nominee must have been a previous Distinguished Award winner.

Rapid Ray Lewis was a Canadian track and field star in the 1930’s, born and raised in Hamilton.  He was an Order of Canada recipient in 2001 and passed away in 2003. Ray was a role model and mentor to many students and young athletes throughout his life.

The Ray Lewis Community Service Award is presented in the adult category to an outstanding Hamilton athlete who has excelled in sport at the national and/or international level and has made a significant contribution to the Hamilton Community.


  • Has held a volunteer role(s) to enhance quality sport opportunities in Hamilton
  • Demonstrates special leadership qualities by inspiring and encouraging others
  • Contributes to unique outcomes to enhance the sport (mentorship programs or development programs to support the organization)
  • Has exhibited extraordinary effort to overcome challenges/obstacles to the community organization

The Ron Foxcroft Fair Play Award is presented annually to an official who has demonstrated tremendous dedication to the principles of fair play and played a leadership role in the development of sport officiating.


  • Has held an officiating capacity for at least 10 years
  • Provides mentorship and/or supervision of officials within their sport
  • Assists in the implementation of officiating development programs
  • Shows a personal commitment to ongoing development and training
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities on and off the playing surface
  • Maintains a high level of professionalism and care within their role

The Dr. Ray Johnson Coach of the Year Award is presented to an individual who best exemplifies the attributes that contribute to quality coaching. 


  • Has been coaching in the community for at least 10 years
  • Takes on personal development opportunities through training and certifications
  • Shows commitment to implementing appropriate athlete development programs
  • Displays a high level of contribution to their local sport organization,
  • as well as the wider City of Hamilton community

The United Trophy Volunteer of the Year Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment as an active volunteer in amateur sport over an extended period of time (minimum 10 years). This nominee has gone the extra mile to provide a safe and encouraging environment for sport development.


  • Has contributed to Hamilton sport in a volunteer capacity for more than 10 years
  • Understands the importance of creating an appropriate athlete development environment as it relates to the Canadian Sport for Life framework and principles
  • Has had an impact on their sport(s) beyond their community or local sport association

    Dr. Gene Sutton Club Excellence Award

    The Dr. Gene Sutton Club Excellence Award was established in 2010 by Hamilton Public Health Services to recognize a local sports organization for delivering quality children and youth programming that promotes healthy living.  Dr. Sutton was dedicated to quality amateur sport in the City of Hamilton.  As a child and youth advocate, she believed in a holistic approach focusing on providing safe, healthy, and fun environments contributing to the development of the whole child.  


    You must meet a minimum of 2 of the following criteria:

    • Promote mental well-being by implementing and demonstrating fair play. Fair play is a fundamental part of any game. It represents the positive benefits of playing by the rules, using common sense and respecting fellow players, referees, opponents and fans  
    • Promotes an environment for athlete development that relates to Injury Prevention (e.g. Concussions, safety training, safe equipment, equipment fitting)
    • Supports healthy eating habits for snack guidelines and road trip planning (e.g., Preparing healthy snacks, use of Canada’s Food Guide, nutrition support, promoting healthy eating habits)
    • Models safe sun behaviour (e.g. guideline/policy that follows Canadian Cancer Society Sun Safe recommendations or has own policy or follows City policy on Heat/sun safety)
    • Actively promotes and educates its members and parents regarding  the True Sport Principles (Play Fair, Respect Others, Keep it Fun, Stay Healthy, Include Everyone and Give Back)

    Hamilton Hero Sport Banner Series

    The Hamilton Hero Banner is certainly one of the most prestigious recognitions of the evening as it represents someone, who over time has been an outstanding athlete, major contributor or builder to sport in the City Of Hamilton. These special individuals have put Hamilton on the sport map across the country.


    • Presented to an individual(s) that have been involved in either amateur or professional sport.
    • Representing Hamilton at various levels: Provincially, Nationally or Internationally
    • Has demonstrated outstanding level of achievement in their sport
    • Has demonstrated  pride in and acknowledgement of their Hamilton roots
    • Has been able to inspire others in the community to reach their sport potential.