Trillium Award Categories

There are three Trillium Award categories for residential properties:

1. White Trillium Award

The White Trillium Award is for single family residential properties across the City.

  • Judging takes place the first two weeks in July.
  • All residential properties in Hamilton are eligible for judging
  • Two properties receiving the highest score in each zone will receive a white trillium award and one of the two properties may be selected to be eligible for a pink trillium award.

2. Pink Trillium Award

The Pink Trillium Award is presented to one winner in each ward, unless high densities of residential properties exist.

  • Judging takes place in the weeks following the white trillium judging (usually in mid-late July or early August).
  • Judging is carried out by experienced White Trillium judges.
  • Eligible participants include White Trillium winners in each zone with the highest score.

3. Red Trillium Award

One Red Trillium Award is given for the entire city of Hamilton.

  • Judging takes place between the middle and end of August.
  • Eligible participants include all properties awarded a Pink Trillium.  These properties are judged by a panel that includes the Chair and Co-Chair of the Trillium Executive Committee, the Red Trillium winner from the previous year and invited experts in the field of horticulture.

The Red Trillium winner will be ineligible to participate in future Trillium Awards programs.

Awards of Excellence Corporate Award Program

Awards of Excellence are given to selected nominees from industrial, commercial, institutional and multi-residential properties across the City of Hamilton. There is one Award of Excellence per city ward. Properties are nominated by Trillium Award judges.

Awards for Ancaster or Flamborough residents

If your property is located in Ancaster or Flamborough, check your local Horticultural Societies for information on the Trillium Awards program in your area.