Trillium Awards Program

Trillium Awards

The Trillium Awards Program, formally called The Hamilton Beautification Awards Program, was established in 1956.  The program “promotes and encourages community pride through the recognition of excellence in landscape design, maintenance and effort to beautify properties making a positive contribution to the City of Hamilton”.

There are three levels of the Trillium Awards for residential: White, Pink and Red.

At the White level, nominated gardens in the City are judged and the top 20 scored gardens in each ward is awarded with a White Trillium Award.

At the Pink level, gardens awarded with a White Trillium Award are judged and the top score in each ward is awarded with a Pink Trillium Award.

The Red Trillium Award is the most prestigious horticultural award in Hamilton. All gardens that are awarded a Pink Trillium are judged by an appointed panel, including the chair of the Trillium Awards  Committee, the Red Trillium winner from the previous year and several experts in the field of horticulture.

The Red Award category will be judged virtually through an expert panel discussion. Red judges are appointed by City of Hamilton staff and will consist of 10-12 panelists.  Panelists will review professional Pink photos collectively online to support discussion to determine a Red winner.  Red judges can view properties in person on their own time in advance of the virtual judging session.

Red Trillium Award winners are not eligible for any Trillium awards (white, pink or red) for 5 subsequent years. If the property ownership changes, the new owner must apply in writing (via the committee) to be eligible for judging before the 5-year period is finished. This policy came into effect in 2015.

NEW - Community Trillium Award

Formally known as the Awards of Excellence Corporate Program

Community Trillium Awards can be awarded to industrial, commercial, institutional, small businesses, churches, schools, community centres, apartment buildings, condominium complexes and multi-residential properties across the City of Hamilton. There are up to two Community Trillium Awards presented in each Ward.

Residents can nominate their own property or other properties they feel would be worthy of being recognized with a Community Trillium Award.

Awards for Ancaster Residents

The Ancaster Horticultural Society operates a Ward 12 specific program and have confirmed that their program is running this year. If your garden is located in Ancaster, check your local Horticultural Societies for information on the Trillium Awards program. Visit the Ancaster Horticultural Society

The program is brought to you by the City of Hamilton with the support of the Trillium Awards Committee. The Trillium Awards program promotes community pride by recognizing residents who, by landscaping and maintaining their gardens, contribute to a more attractive neighbourhood and community.

2021 Executive Committee Members:

  • Ann Cochren - Committee Chair
  • Pat Gowan
  • Brenda Accadia
  • Tina Coverly
  • Ann Howard
  • Yasmeen Minocher
  • Theresa Phair - Staff Liaison