Urban Design and Architecture Awards

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Urban Design and Architecture Awards

The Urban Design and Architecture Awards recognize and celebrate excellence in the design of our urban environment.

The 8th Annual Awards will be launching in Spring 2019. Stay tuned for more details.

What are the categories for the 2017 Urban Design & Architecture Awards?

Award categories have been included this year to aid in the fair evaluation of entries. You will need to assign your project to the most suitable category.

The categories are:

  • Urban Elements
  • Private Buildings in Context
  • Public Buildings in Context
  • Landscapes, Public Spaces & Green Infrastructure
  • Visions & Master Plans
  • Civic Achievement
  • Student Projects
Listing and map of the Urban Design & Architecture Awards

Congratulations to all the winners of the Urban Design & Architecture Awards.

Who is selected for the Jury?

The City selects a new jury for each competition. The jury consists of six individuals with a background and expertise in urban design, architecture ore related fields. In the past, jury members have included urban designers, architects, landscape architects, journalists, instructors and planners.

The jury for the 2017 Urban Design and Architecture Awards:

  • Marc Ryan, Architect/Landscape Architect - Public Work, Toronto
  • John Lorinc, Journalist/Author/Editor, Toronto
  • Meg Graham, Architect - Superkul, Toronto
  • Paul Shaker, Planner - Civicplan, Hamilton
  • Renee Gomes, Planner - First Gulf Corp, Toronto
  • Steve Robichaud, Chief Planner, City of Hamilton