In order for a project to be eligible for the 2015 City of Hamilton Urban Design and Architecture Awards, it must have fulfilled the following criteria:

  • Project was completed after September 12013 and prior to August 28, 2015
  • Project is located within the geographic limits of the City of Hamilton
  • Completed buildings must be occupied
  • Completed landscape works must be substantially completed and accessible to visitors

Eligible projects generally consist of:  buildings, groups of buildings, additions, alterations, adaptive reuse, heritage restoration, brownfield development, streetscapes, parks, open spaces, landscapes, public art, planning studies and/or student work and certified environmentally sustainable projects.

Interior design projects and those projects that cannot be seen from areas accessible to the public are discouraged as submissions.

Who may submit a project

Owners, architects, designers, planners, landscape architects, developers, contractors, engineers, consultants and members of the public are invited to nominate and submit projects. We are not currently accepting submissions.

Entries for Urban Design Awards are to provide the following items together in a single submission package:

  1. A completed and signed nomination form. One per project submission.
  2. A hard copy of the Power Point presentation at 8.5” x 11” size.
  3. A compact disk or flash drive (memory stick) containing the following information:
  • A Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in .ppt format only (one per project submission), with a maximum of 10 slides. The presentation should be a combination of text and images that includes the following:
    • Text: A maximum 500 word statement describing the project including:
      • Features that improve the urban environment and how the project addresses the City's Urban Design policies and Site Plan guidelines.
      • Key attributes of the project: design features, function, context, energy efficiency, sustainability and execution.
    • Drawings: Site plan, landscape plan, floor plans, sections etc.
    • Images (approximately 5 to 10): All facades for built form projects, the project from the public realm, the site and it's context (i.e. landscape), architectural/ design details.
  • Digital images in .jpeg format.  The minimum resolution must be 300 dpi.
  • Supplementary materials: Air photo

There is no limit to the number of projects that may be submitted.  Each project submission must be accompanied by a nomination form and Power Point Presentation.

By submitting this material, the nominator gives the City permission to use the material for promotion of the Urban Design and Architecture Awards program without cost. Submissions will not be returned.

Information submitted to the City of Hamilton is subject to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O 1990, c,M,56.

Deliver submissions to:

Urban Design and Architecture Awards
Planning and Economic Development Department
Hamilton City Hall
71 Main Street West, 5th Floor
Hamilton, Ontario, L8P 4Y5
Attention: Khaldoon Ahmad

Contact us

For more information contact:
Phone: 905-546-1224 ext. 1393 or 4424
Email: designawards@hamilton.ca