Urban Design and Architecture Awards

Urban Design & Architecture Awards 2007 Winners

The City received 30 submissions from architects, planners, landscape architects, owners, students and members of the general public. All were evaluated by a volunteer jury.

Award recipients

Eight awards were given in six categories:

Project Description
On the second Friday evening of every month this event programs the historic James Street North streetscape from Murray to King Street with an eclectic array of gallery openings, performances and outdoor art reflective of the emerging arts community in the area. The organization of the event is informal and is funded by those organizations and businesses who participate.

Jury Comments
The gallery and studio owners are commended for investing in the historic architecture and diverse character of James Street North and for having the vision to use the street as place in which to develop the arts community adding yet another layer to the rich history of this area. Although not a building or landscape, events like the Art Crawl are an integral part of creating successful public spaces that are genuine and reflective of the community that surrounds them. The great success and the national recognition that Art Crawl has enjoyed demonstrates the economic development and tourism potential of great public spaces.

The James North Art Crawl

Address: James Street North between Murray and King Streets
Owner: The Gallery and Studios of the James North Community

Project Description
This is a new 2,400 square metre laboratory facility where municipal water and waste water is tested and the monitoring of the existing adjacent wastewater treatment plant is conducted. The facility is one of the first truly sustainable laboratories in Ontario and is designed to be one of Hamilton's first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED Silver Certified buildings.

Jury Comments
This project successfully and thoroughly implements the techniques of sustainable design while at the same time creating a building that responds well to a challenging context. The city should be encouraged to adopt sustainable design for all new and retrofit building projects.

Woodward Environmental Laboratory

Address: 700 Woodward Avenue
Owner: City of Hamilton, Public Works Department, Water and Wastewater Division
Architects & Contractors: 

  • McCallum Sather Architects Incorporated
  • Wendy Shearer Landscape Architect Limited
  • Vanderwesten and Rutherford Associates Incorporated
  • Aquicon Construction Company Limited

Project Description
This development involves the incremental renovation and adaptive re-use of a series of circa 1890 former residential buildings at the corner of Queen and Main Streets, a prominent site at the entrance to downtown Hamilton.

Jury Comments
The owner and design team are to be commended for recognizing the value of this group of heritage buildings and having the vision to realize that a high quality renovation revealing the original architecture would create a landmark mixed use development on this prominent site.

Southwest Crossings

Address: 231 Main Street West and 67 and 69 Queen Street South

  • Brownswharf Development Corporation
  • Southwest Crossings Limited
  • Pocrnic Realty Advisors Incorporated
  • Vancor Developments Incorporated
  • SLC Designs Limited
  • Connon Nurseries

Project Description
This is a fifty three unit townhouse development on a greenfield site in the heart of the residential section of the new Meadowlands neighbourhood in Ancaster.

Jury Comments
The design creates a village feel through the use of unit designs that minimize the impact of garages, emphasize large windows, provide unique architectural elements, and have interesting end and corner units along the public street. Extensive landscaping including gateway features, decorative fencing, unique street lighting, and custom signage contribute to the village feel. This project is a good example of how to design a higher density building type in a context where single family homes predominate.

The jury noted that the amenity area provided was an opportunity for a focal point within the site that could have been better used and that the provision.

Landscapes of Ancaster

Address: Stonehenge Drive, Ancaster
Owner: Starward Homes
Architects & Contractors: 

  • McCallum Sather Architects Incorporated
  • Johns Khes Planning Solutions
  • Seferian Design Group Limited

Project Description
This project is a renovation of and addition to the McMaster University Medical Centre Health Sciences Library to accommodate a renewed and expanded library. The new addition to the building is a two-storey reading room and an exterior landscaped plaza that redefines the entrance to the medical centre and creates a new relationship with the campus for a library that was originally isolated behind concrete walls.

Jury Comments
The design takes full advantage of its location at the south east corner of the campus common adjacent to the main pedestrian entrance to the medical centre and an axial view of the tower of University Hall at the opposite end of the common to create a generous interior space that visually connects the library to the space of the campus. It acts like a front porch for the medical centre creating a new relationship between the interior and exterior using the reading room and new landscaped area together to create a comfortable and welcoming entrance plaza to the medical centre. It serves as counter point to the blank concrete walls and small windows typical of the medical centre along the majority of its facade at grade. This relatively small addition will certainly make a positive impact on the image of the library, the Medical Centre and the campus as a whole.

McMaster University Faculty of Health Sciences Library

Address: 1200 Main Street West, Hamilton. (McMaster University Medical Centre)
Owner: McMaster University Faculty of Health Sciences
Architects & Contractors:

  • McCallum Sather Architects Inc.
  • GSP Group
  • Yolles
  • Group Eight Engineering Limited
  • Dineen Construction Corporation

Project Description
This design transformed a former insurance company vehicle inspection and claims centre into a community health clinic. The design team used new landscaping areas reclaimed from the parking area, new windows and sustainable design features to create a peaceful and welcoming environment that provides a sense of wellness in the context of suburban strip mall development.

Jury Comments
The project demonstrates an ambitious landscape design that allows the interior spaces of the building to extend into a new surrounding landscape bringing natural light and nature into the building. It provides an example of how to humanize the typically banal and sterile environment that is found in many automobile oriented commercial developments.

In spite of its institutional use and commercial surroundings the interior successfully creates a domestic feel.

The design employs techniques of sustainable design such as lighting controls, instantaneous water heating, use of low toxicity finishes and the directing of roof storm water runoff into decorative ponds on site.

Although the landscaping directly adjacent to the building is well done the jury encourages the owner to complete the design concept by expanding the landscaping further into the public realm landscaping the edges of the site.

Stone Church Family Health Centre

Address: 1475 Upper Ottawa Street, Hamilton
Owner: McMaster University Faculty of Health Sciences
Architects & Contractors: 

  • TCA/Their Curran Architects
  • PMA Landscape Architects
  • Kenneth Youngs Engineering
  • S.P Design
  • COPA Engineering
  • Wintek BSD Incorporated
  • TRP Construction General Contractors
  • STF Construction

Project Description
This project involved the facade restoration and renovation of the two centre units of the six unit MacNab Terrace, a heritage property, designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, that was constructed in 1879 by local architect James Balfour. When purchased by the current owner in 1998 the two units operated as a rooming house. Through a series of restoration projects and a rear addition the owners have transformed the house into a successful guest house and their private residence.

Jury Comments
This is a sensitive use and well executed restoration that represents a large investment and commitment to an area of the city in need of reinvestment. Its success serves as an example of the potential of heritage buildings across the city.

The MacNab Terrace

Address: 256-258 MacNab Street North
Owners: Helen Kirkpatrick and Tom Baker
Architects & Contractors: 

  • John Mokrycke Architect
  • Lets Landscape Together Incorporated
  • Field Consultants Limited
  • Assyrian Star Construction
  • Dave Thompson
  • Langton Mechanical

Project Description
East Kiwanis Place is a small urban plaza located on a prominent corner at the heart of the Ottawa Street Business Improvement Area or BIA. Once an empty lot resulting from a tragic fire, the East Kiwanis, the Local BIA and the City of Hamilton worked together to create a public space which celebrates the sewing, fabric and home decor businesses that have defined the area for decades.

Jury Comments
Although modest in size this project has all of the elements of a great public space. It recalls the history of the place by exploring the themes of sewing and fabric through playful design features such as fabric pattern paving, spool bollards and button manhole covers. It also creates a welcoming community meeting place along the street with seating areas, landscaping and an information kiosk. A great improvement to the hostile environment of the former empty lot, it represents an opportunity for community building. The jury encourages the community to program the space with local events and ensure that is respected and maintained.

East Kiwanis Place

Address: 236 Ottawa Street North

  • City of Hamilton, Public Works Department, Open Space Development and Park Planning Section
  • The Kiwanis Club of Greater Hamilton
  • The Ottawa Street Business Improvement Area
  • City of Hamilton Downtown and Community Renewal Division
  • Alexander Budrevics and Associates Limited
  • S.Llewellyn and Associates Limited
  • MJS Consultants Incorporated
  • O. Ciccarelli & Sons Contracting Limited