Urban Design and Architecture Awards

Urban Design & Architecture Awards 2009 Winners

The City received 33 submissions (PDF, 797 KB) from architects, planners, landscape architects, owners and members of the public.

All submissions except the People's Choice Award were evaluated by a volunteer jury or urban design professionals.

Award recipients

Ten awards were given out in 7 categories along with two honourable mentions:

The Gore Building

Address: 89 King Street East, Hamilton
Owner: City Housing Hamilton
Architects & Contractors:Graff Grguric Architects Incorporated

Terraces on King

Address: 260 King Street East, Hamilton
OwnerSpallacci Group
Architects and Contractors:

  • Lorne Haverty Ltd.
  • Kathryn Vogel Architect

Ottawa Street Gateways

Address: Between Main Street and Barton Street
Owner: City of Hamilton, Downtown and Community Renewal Division
Design Team: 

  • Brooks Signs
  • Aluminous Lighting Product

The STARRT Institute

Address: Mohawk College Campus, Stoney Creek, 481 Barton Street, Stoney Creek
Owner: Mohawk College
Design Team:

  • Diamond and Schmitt Architects Inc.
  • Read Jones Christoffersen Consulting
  • Engineers
  • MCW Consultants Limited
  • The Atlas Corporation Inc.

Prince of Wales Elementary School

Address: 77 Melrose Avenue North, Hamilton
Owner: Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board
Design Team:

  • Ventin Group Limited, Architects
  • Wendy Shearer Landscape Architect
  • Truax Engineering
  • Bondfield Construction

Dundas Driving Park

Address: Between Park Street East and Sydenham Road, Dundas
Owner: City of Hamilton, Open Space Development and Park Planning, Rotary Club of Dundas Valley Sunrise
Design Team:

  • DuToit Allsopp Hillier
  • Lintack Architects Incorporated
  • PMA Landscape Architects Ltd.
  • EL-Hamzawi Engineering Ltd.
  • MTE Consultants Inc.
  • Finelli Engineering Ltd.
  • Corporate Construction

West Village Suites

Address: 1685 Main Street West, Hamilton
Owner: Dundurn Capital Partners Inc.
Design Team:

  • Lintack Architects Incorporated
  • IBI Group
  • Emcad Consulting Engineers Inc.
  • Tacoma Engineers
  • Dundurn Edge Developments Inc

Ancaster Carriage Works

Address: 231-253 Wilson Street East, Ancaster
Owner: Ancaster Carriage Works Ltd.
Design Team:

  • Kaj Devai Architect
  • Fothergill Planning and Development Inc.
  • A.E. Bowler Associates

Heritage Greene Mixed Use Development

Address: 1875 Stone Church Road East, Stoney Creek
Owner: Heritage Greene Development Corporation
Design Team:

  • Sam Esposto Architect Inc.
  • Almost There Inc.
  • G. O'Connor Consultants Inc.
  • Urbex Engineering Limited
  • MTE Consultants Inc.
  • D&D Contracting
  • Oakridge Landscape Contractors Ltd.

Engineering Technology Building

Address: 1280 Main Street West, Hamilton 
Owner: McMaster University
Design Team:

  • Vermeulen Hind Architects Inc.
  • Fleisher Ridout Partnership Inc.
  • Halcrow Yolles
  • Vanderwesten Rutherford Mantecon Inc.
  • Enermodal Engineering
  • Bird Construction Company

The Gown and Gavel Pub

Address: 24 Hess Street South, Hamilton
Owner: Gown and Gavel Pub 
Design Team:

  • TCA | Thier + Curran Architects Inc.
  • Copa Engineering Ltd.
  • Wintek Engineering Ltd.
  • Hallex Engineering Ltd.
  • Aldershot Landscape Contractors Ltd.

McMaster Innovation Park

Address: 175 Hess Street South, Hamilton
Owner: First Longwood Innovation Trust 
Design Team:

  • Lintack Architects Incorporated
  • Webb Planning Consultants Inc.
  • G. O’Connor Consultants Inc.
  • Sandwell Consulting Engineers Ltd.
  • A.J. Clarke and Associates Ltd.
  • Ira McDonald Construction Ltd.

Heritage Greene Mixed Use Development

Address: 1875 Stone Church Road East, Stoney Creek
Owner: Heritage Greene Development Corporation
Design Team:

  • Sam Esposto Architect Inc
  • Almost There Inc
  • G. O’Connor Consulting
  • Urbex Engineering
  • MTE Consulting Ltd
  • D & D Contracting
  • Oakridge Landscaping