Apparatus Responses Last 5 Years

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Different types of incidents will determine the number of personnel and apparatus required at a scene in order to safely bring the incident to a conclusion. In some cases a single piece of apparatus may be dispatched while other incidents may require multiple apparatus to respond.

Story behind the numbers

The Hamilton Fire Department responded to 31,615 incidents in 2017. Many incidents involve apparatus responding from more than one station. This is reflected in the total number of incidents responded to by all stations. In 2017, the total number of apparatus responses attended to by all stations was 39,758.

Performance improvements

These numbers are generated by calls for assistance. Continued fire prevention activities and public education can contribute to a reduction in some types of responses.

Source: Hamilton Fire Department, extracted February, 2018

Number of apparatus responses annually

Year to date (reported quarterly) and previous 4 years

Year Total Apparatus Dispatches
2014 33504
2015 35385
2016 37816
2017 39758
2018 Q3 31862