Building - Ontario Building Code Administration and Enforcement

The goal of this service is to assist in growing and building the best City together by ensuring structures are designed, constructed, and used both safely and properly.

The City of Hamilton’s Building Division enables applicants to proceed with construction projects by reviewing and issuing building permits, and completing associated field inspections.

The Building Division ensures all construction projects comply with the requirements of the Ontario Building Code, which establishes a set of minimum standards for public health, public safety, fire protection, structural sufficiency, conservation, environmental integrity and barrier-free use and access.

We align with the City's Strategic Priorities:

Economic Prosperity & Growth

A diverse and robust construction activity contributes to the prosperity and growth of our economy that benefits all Hamiltonians.

Built Environment & Infrastructure

This service instills public confidence in the buildings and structures they access and use.

Healthy & Safe Communities

Buildings that comply with the Ontario Building Code enable Hamilton to be a safe community.

Our People & Performance

Hamiltonians can have a high level of trust and confidence in the service provided by Building Officials.

Building Permits issued

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An indicator of the level of economic investment and construction activity in the city.

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Construction Value

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Provides a high level overview of investment occurring in the city.

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Building Permits by Type

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$803M Residential

Provides a high level overview of investment occurring in the city.

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Inspections completed

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An indicator of the level of construction activity and building code enforcement within the City.

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