Building Permit Values by Type


While the total estimated annual building permit figures provide a great high-level overview, visibility into how each major building permit category contributes into the totals provides insights into how these developments might affect employment, economic activity and assessment revenues in the future.

Story behind the numbers

Residential building permits consistently represent the largest percentage of the annual estimated building permit values in Hamilton, driven by the large demand for residential real estate.

There has been a noted decline in the annual estimated values of industrial and commercial building permits, associated in part to a shortage of shovel ready industrial zoned land and an adequate supply of commercial real estate. The City of Hamilton’s recently approved 2016-2020 Economic Development Action Plan has placed a focus on stimulating growth in these two types of developments.

Large government or institutional projects can have a large impact over the short term, as seen in 2012, where the estimated Government/Institutional building permit values of over $400 million (which is more than four times the average compared to the following years) significantly contributed to a record year for estimated building permit values.

Performance improvements

The results assist in determining the appropriate level of resources required to ensure the Building Division is able to meet the timelines legislated in the Ontario Building Code. High volumes affect efficiency in both design approval and field inspection services. The metric can specifically identify which Building Division service area requires additional focus and attention.

Source: AMANDA System – Planning & Economic Development Department

Annual Estimated Building Permit Values 

Permit Type 2012 ($) 2013 ($) 2014 ($) 2015 ($) 2016 ($) 2017 ($) 2018 ($)
Jan to Jun
Commercial 200,894,646 257,054,262 260,825,549 116,647,000 165,871,501 116,251,917 64,146,473
Industrial 208,806,065 109,709,073 67,250,265 61,859,947 49,724,272 172,044,198 54,941,744
Government/ Institutional 406,642,636 119,004,181 80,488,837 81,609,849 85,221,749 250,696,894 56,902,931
Residential 659,882,166 524,715,418 719,923,093 829,052,605 739,731,994 803,770,785 437,206,314
Miscellaneous 23,401,881 15,105,824 14,704,961 19,023,446 15,688,230 21,381,624 6,575,058
Total 1,499,627,394 1,025,785,758 1,143,192,706 1,108,192,846 1,056,237,746 1,364,145,418 619,772,520