Building Permits Issued

Merging Citizen Dashboard with Open Hamilton

The Citizen Dashboard is being converted into an Open Data format, linking the Citizen Dashboard with Open Hamilton. During this conversion, the data on the Citizen Dashboard will not be updated quarterly, resulting in some data being out of date. The conversion is expected to be completed in September 2019. 


This metric provides an indicator of the level of economic investment, construction activity, and the workload volumes of staff within the City.

Story behind the numbers

Permit totals greater than 6,000 annually indicate high work volumes and a community that is compliant with concerns for building construction and public safety. Results at this target level or greater reflect an active investment in the community by the construction and development industry.

Performance improvements

The results assist in determining the appropriate level of resources required to ensure the Building Division is able to meet the timelines legislated in the Ontario Building Code. High volumes affect efficiency in both approval of design proposals and completion of field inspections. 

Source: AMANDA System – Planning & Economic Development Department

Number of Building Permits Issued

Year Number of Building Permits Issued
2013 6286
2014 5993
2015 8194
2016 8987
2017 8621
2018 January to June 3934