Cancelled Service

Merging Citizen Dashboard with Open Hamilton

The Citizen Dashboard is being converted into an Open Data format, linking the Citizen Dashboard with Open Hamilton. During this conversion, the data on the Citizen Dashboard will not be updated quarterly, resulting in some data being out of date. The conversion is expected to be completed in September 2019. 


Measuring cancelled service hours provides information to the HSR customer and the transit provider about the reliability of the HSR service.

Story behind the numbers

Reliability is important to the HSR. Cancelled service can be triggered due to the lack of a bus operator, mechanical issues with a bus, accidents or severe weather conditions. 

Performance improvements

HSR strives to achieve 99.9% (less than 0.1%) of the promised service as published in our schedules; noting that on street mechanical failures, accidents and severe weather conditions can create cancellations. Improvements are determined through a review of mechanical failures to prevent future occurrences and through the application of the transit complement policy.  

Source: Hamilton Street Railway (HSR)

Cancelled service hours

Year # of cancelled hours % of cancelled service
2015 2,045 0.24
2016 1,797 0.20
2017 7,589 0.84
2018 3,130 0.33