Commercial Service

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Commercial/industrial businesses and properties are important to the local economy. Working collaboratively with our commercial/industrial partners will assist in reducing the incidents of fire through fire prevention initiatives, public education and pre-fire planning. Fire Prevention staff conduct inspections of occupancies to ensure compliance with the Ontario Fire Code.

Top Causes

 #1 Arson
#2 Electrical/ Mechanical

2018 Q3
It’s important to understand the top causes so fire prevention or public education activities can be designed based on this information.

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Vulnerable Occupancy Inspections


2018 Q3
Residents of vulnerable occupancies are protected through compliance with the fire code and properly trained staff in their facility that are ready to respond to a fire emergency.

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Structure Fires


2018 Q3
Commercial businesses and industry are important to the livelihood of citizens and a commercial fire can have a serious impact on the local economy.

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