Daily Water Production


Measure of the City's ability to produce enough water to meet the demands of the community.

Story behind the numbers

This metric shows how much water is treated and distributed to our community. These numbers are greatly influenced by weather and seasonal water use. In  Q3 2018, the average water produced was   235.1 ML/d.  

Performance improvements

The Woodward Water Treatment Plant Upgrade project is a multi-year initiative that will improve water quality and ensure capacity is available for future growth.

Quarterly average water production - ML/d (Megalitres per day)*

Woodward Water Treatment Plant Production

Year Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Yearly Average
2016 209.5 230.2 242.4 203.7 221.4 ML/d
2017 209.1 212.3 220.9 199.5 210.5 ML/d
2018 220.3 224.5 235.1   226.6 ML/d

*1 Megalitre =  1,000,000 Litres