Employment by Sector


Hamilton is the largest part of the Hamilton Census Metropolitan Area (CMA), which is home to thousands of diverse businesses and organizations that employ over 350,000 people. The Hamilton CMA consists of Hamilton, Burlington and Grimsby. While these businesses and organizations can have wide-ranging product and service offerings, Statistics Canada has categorized them into a number of sectors. The graph combines sectors provided by Statistics Canada into 10 main sectors, to provide information about the areas where employment is occurring in the Hamilton CMA. 

Story behind the numbers

In the Hamilton CMA, the largest employment sector is Education and Healthcare, which represents about 87,000 employees. In Hamilton, the largest employers from this sector include Hamilton Health Sciences, McMaster University and Mohawk College.

The manufacturing sector is still a large contributor of employment opportunities representing approximately one in every nine jobs in the Hamilton CMA.

The Hospitality and Entertainment sector is a fast growing area for employment growth; as arts, culture and tourism focused businesses continue to grow in numbers and size in the Hamilton area.

Performance improvements

Economic Development’s focus is developing jobs for Hamiltonians. As such, the efforts of the office are carried out with the focus of growing the economy, providing good paying jobs, and opportunities for Hamiltonians to support themselves and their families.

Source: Statistics Canada. 2016 Labour Force Survey

Employment by Sector - Hamilton CMA (2016)

Sector Thousands of Jobs Percentage
Education & Healthcare 86.7 22.5%
Professional, Financial & Support Services 71 18.4%
Wholesale & Retail 61.2 15.9%
Manufacturing 44.3 11.5%
Hospitality & Entertainment 39.9 10.4%
Construction & Utilities 30.9 8.0%
Transportation 16.4 4.3%
Other Services 16 4.2%
Public Administration 14.8 3.8%
Agriculture 4 1.0%