Food Safety

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The Citizen Dashboard is being converted into an Open Data format, linking the Citizen Dashboard with Open Hamilton. During this conversion, the data on the Citizen Dashboard will not be updated quarterly, resulting in some data being out of date. The conversion is expected to be completed in September 2019. 

Food inspection and safe food handling promotion programs are designed to prevent and/or reduce illnesses related to the unsafe handling of food.

We align with the City's Strategic Priorities:

Healthy & Safe Communities

Public Health Inspectors visit locations wherever food is offered for public consumption (food premises), undertake regular inspections of the location and review how food is handled. This helps to reduce food poisoning (food borne illness), ensures risks are mitigated and food handlers are aware of safe food-handling practices and food safety issues. 

Total Food Safety Inspections

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2018 January to June
The risk level of food premises guides how often food safety inspections take place. Risk level is assessed as high, moderate, low or special event. 

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% Premise Inspections

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2018 January to June
Public Health Services are required to undertake regular food safety inspections. The frequency of inspection is determined by the range of food provided and the number of preparation steps. Food premises are ranked as high risk, moderate risk or low risk.

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