Food Safety Inspections


Overview of the total number of inspections undertaken by Public Health Services each year based on the requirements of The Standards for Public Health Programs and Services (2016) and the Food Safety Protocol, 2008 (or as current).

Story behind the numbers

In 2017, Public Health Services completed more than 6,478 separate food safety inspections. 

Performance improvements

The number of locations where food is offered for public consumption drives the number of inspections undertaken during each mandated reporting cycle.

Source: Public Health Services

High risk premises prepare a wide range of foods, involving multiple preparation steps. Examples include restaurants and nursing home kitchens. High risk inspections occur 3 times per year. 

Number of inspections - High Risk

Data reported 3 times per year. Previous 3 years.

Year Jan 1 - Apr 30 May 1 - Aug 31 Sept 1 - Dec 31
2015 827 988 825
2016 794 838 760
2017 854 857 862


Source: Public Health Services

Moderate risk premises have a less extensive menu, involving fewer preparation steps. Examples include take-out pizza outlets and sub shops, bakeries, butcher shops and delis. Moderate risk inspections occur 2 times per year.

Number of inspections - Moderate Risk

Data reported 2 times per year. Previous 3 years.

Year Jan 1 - June 30 July 1 - Dec 31
2015 1780 1614
2016 1516 1384
2017 1557 1677



Source: Public Health Services

Low risk premises generally sell only pre-packaged foods and there is little or no food handling on site. A convenience store is an example of a low risk food premise. Low risk inspections occur once per year.

Number of inspections - Low Risk

Data reported once per year. Previous 3 years.

Year Jan 1 - Dec 31
2015 724
2016 566
2017 579


Source: Public Health Services

Special events are food service events open to the public, outside of the normal scope of an organization’s activities. Examples include special fairs or celebrations. Special event inspections occur as required and are reported on annually. 

Number of inspections - Special Events

Inspections occur as required, data reported annually. Previous 3 years.

Year Jan 1 - Dec 31
2015 71
2016 56
2017 54